HTC “worthless” – Tech giant trading below cash

HTC, one of the biggest Android OEMs on the planet is essentially worthless. The company has taken a massive hit, losing 60% of its stock’s value. Currently the troubled tech giant has more cash on hand than the value of it’s stock which means investors think that the assets the company owns are essentially worthless. HTC

  • Simon Gray

    yet another company touched by Beats is in the toilet.

  • McHale72

    This company was worthless YEARS ago, it just took the tech blogs and investors to figure it out. The REALLY sad thing is, it could have all been avoided but they chose to give crappy support to their crappy devices. If you want a rough time frame, go back to the HTC Jetstream. That is when it all started going downhill. Almost $1000 for an Android tablet that received ZERO updates and ZERO support. That was my last HTC purchase (I had purchased over a dozen before that).

    They can’t close up shop fast enough in my opinion.