Did Samsung alienate its most loyal fanbase by calling them shallow?

For the record my primary device is fully paid for with my own hard earned money and it is a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, and my back up device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I love the Note line so much so that I bought my mother a Note 4 to replace her iPhone 5. I have never received a Samsung product for free for review, so please don’t think I am here to kiss up to Samsung just to get a free device. I’m just like you, a normal person with a normal job(AG is my hobby), and I love the Galaxy Note line. And with my most recent posts about Samsung, I doubt I will ever be sent a device to review, but that’s okay because I prefer to be honest than be bought with a free device.

J.K. Shin, (President of Samsung) claimed they “listen to us, the consumer.” Then he went on to talk about the Note line and how they offered us a unique product first, and how its success has created its own category in the smartphone market. He continued on to say how customers love the edge or curve on their Galaxy S6, and how batteries charge faster and last longer. In summary J.K. Shin, claimed they have been listening to “us” and have delivered what we have been asking for.

I really don’t know which of you actual Note fans, not Note reviewers, have been asking to do away with the ability to change the battery, removal of the SD card slot, IR blaster, O2 sensor, UV sensor, and heart rate monitor, but I would love for you to speak up in the comments section. Because Samsung claims they have been listening to you. But it certainly was not me who was asking for that, in exchange to fit my skinny jeans while looking great with a dual sided glass phone.

The VP who followed Shin to introduce the Note 5, carried on with Shin’s sentiment saying the large phones are too big for people with “skinny jeans”. My reaction to this was “WHAT!?!”, and then my next thought was “WHAT!?!” He went on to say how the metal is stronger on the Note 5, and how the device is now smaller and easier to use with the same sized screen with a curved back. Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with making the device more manageable in hand, but not at the expense of all of those other features we love.

In my opinion, I believe Samsung has catered to the naysayers while alienating the most loyal and dedicated fanbase. Then they claimed to listen to us by taking away our most beloved features in exchange for better materials and design. In essence they call us Note users shallow, because we care more about how the phone looks vs. the features it should come with, which simply BLOWS MY MIND.

The Galaxy Note line is the most expensive consumer smartphone, so they are taking a huge risk by dropping the fans that powered the Note into its own category, while going for people who care more about build materials than function.

Samsung, if you can improve sales by alienating us, congrats to you. But if your sale’s numbers hurt, build the phone we want (check this post for what us Note fans are saying) and we will come back. But you only get one year to fix the mistake, otherwise I’m taking my Note 4 and Note Edge business elsewhere. LG, if you’re reading this, you have a chance to steal us Note fans with the G4 Pro as that seems to be a consensus device amongst the commenters. Just make sure the screen is top notch as us Note fans don’t like LCD displays much.

Watch the Unpacked event for yourself. Warning though, there are about 35 minutes of music and animations at the start of the video.

[df-subtitle]Watch the Galaxy Unpacked 2015 Stream[/df-subtitle]


Also, as pointed out by KruHawk in the comments section, just one year ago Samsung was making fun of Apple for being wall huggers and they actually show a person swapping his battery for a freshly charged one. Incredible how just one year can bring about a 360 degree turn in Samsung.

  • retrospooty

    People have been clamoring for better build quality. Some even wanting an all metal design, which basically eliminates the removable battery… But I don’t recall anyone every saying they don’t want SD. Some people don’t use it and don’t care but it it doesn’t really hurt anything and keeping it would add basically zero heft to the design. Even on a metal phone it’s easy enough to add to the SIM tray. I can live without SD, but I think it was a dumb move to not have it.

    What kills it for me is the relatively small 3000mah battery. Deal breaker. That rumored 4100mah battery would have gotten my sale.

    • Derrick Miyao

      I agree. I know many people don’t swap batteries, but what in the heck were they thinking with a smaller battery?

      • retrospooty

        It seems like Samsung does one of those “put together a marketing team to decide what people want” rather than actually listening to people telling them what they want.

        – good luck with that

    • disqus_FYINAKV4CU

      No IR blaster.

    • ctkatz

      does better build quality mean anything when people slap cases on their phones? and personally I think that polycarbonate is a fantastic building material for phones. it’s light and strong and absorbs shocks better than glass and metal ever could.

      I like the loop/samsung pay and the new notetaking and air command features but no sd card is a HUGE downgrade. and by the way, apple has a 128gb option for the ip6 and I think ip6+. there’s some more rope to hang yourself with sammy.

      whether or not I get this phone depends 100% on if incipio makes an offgrid case with an sd card slot integrated for the note 5. otherwise I’ll just buy a new battery for my note 3 and soldier on.

      • retrospooty

        Not everyone slaps cases on their phone, so yes it means a lot. I was always disappointed in the lousy build quality of Samsung phones . It’s not a plastic versus metal thing, LG , Moto have proved they can put together a decent and others proved you can build a solid phone with plastic, it’s just that Samsungs sucked. I was really looking forward to this phone because of its build quality. Like I said I was even willing to overlook the lack of SD, but the battery is just too small. I suppose I will wait and see how well it does but judging by the galaxy s6 it doesn’t look too good.

  • oilfighter

    Samsung needs to make some compromises here. If they want to make the battery non-removable, that’s fine, but you need to make the battery bigger! Not smaller! You want to remove the microSD? Fine, but make the starting memory tier 64GB! Those 2 decisions would shut a lot of the complainer up, myself included. Also, what did the IR blaster ever do to you Samsung? I love it, especially when using it with Chromecast.

    After owning Note 3 and Note 4, i’m saying a big fat NO to Note 5 this year. Good luck with sales Samsung. I hope your decision of going form over feature do well this year.

  • Josh Noriega

    You’re right Derrick. Despite what they say, they are NOT listening. They’re making the device they want to make.

    This is prime time for LG to get out the G4 Pro! I hope they realize that.

  • KruHawk

    I will not be buying a Note5 and I always try to move up to the newest Note. It was just a year ago or so they were making fun of Apple about the inability to change the battery. I think they called Iphone users ‘Wall Huggers’. And I am not going to pay $100 to expand my memory.

    • Derrick Miyao

      Thanks KruHawk! I completely forgot about this and just added it to my post.

  • Steven Siemons

    Well said. I have posted this same comment on other similar articles so that Samsung might pay attention to the fan base – – I was intending to upgrade from the N3 to N5, but being locked into the stock battery killed it for me. I replaced the stock battery with 6400 mAh and my connected life is perfect. We’ll see what happens with N6.

    • Derrick Miyao

      I think Samsung was listening to the non-fan base sadly. That is why this is so frustrating…most of us have been loyal to Samsung and now they cater to people who care more about how the phone looks.

  • disqus_FYINAKV4CU

    I agree. This will be the first year that I don’t upgrade. The Note 5 is a big downgrade from the Note 4. Major disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!

  • disqus_FYINAKV4CU

    No IR blaster?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Samsung has a disaster on its hands. Stock has lost 25% when the s6 was announced in April. Going to crash more. When will Samsung learn? I’m mad as hell!

  • Michael Wiles

    My note 4 had terrible radio and GPS problems.I did 3 returns with T mobile and on the 4th I ended up selling it to them with a three hundred dollar loss for LG g4. The note 4 was a downgrade from my note 2 which didn’t have the above problems and neither does my g4.
    Now this with the note 5. I throw a case on my phone so plastic is fine. Love SD cards and batteries that are replaceable. Remote ir control i like also.
    Not very happy with Samsung right now.
    Its like they took 3 steps backwards to me.

    • AcemanX AcemanX

      lol that’s you but Ive had my note 4 since day 1 on tmobile and its been perfect, except for a battery a year later but that’s all phones

      • Michael Wiles


  • Samsung blocked me on Facebook because I was angry they show commercials of the S5 on tv with all these feature we didn’t get on At&t. Almost ALL of the cool features shown on tv were not on at&t’s version which isn’t 100% Samsung’s fault but they MAKE the phones. Why can’t they say YOU(Carriers) can’t remove our features when all of our commercials are about them. I now have the Note 4 and although it is a GREAT phone with the features I want (remov batt, sd car slot, ir blaster, etc) I love this phone but Samsung has lost all its cool points with me. After my contract is up with this Note 4 I am going to Nexus. Samsung is the best android phones but they are ruining it, badly. And they DO NOT listen to customers.

    • If a Business/Corporation can’t take suggestions or criticism they are a terrible company set to fail, soon enough! Where’s all those S5’s by the way? Sitting in a warehouse NOT being sold. Much like the Note 5 will be. Enjoy Samsung.

      • I left at&t, now with Verizon. I don’t see a difference in network just more $!

    • Janus LaDove

      The Androidsphere is really screwed up this way. It’s like True Detective season 2 the OEM pimps are trafficking and tuning up eastern block girls to internet service brothels’ specification–they are tuned to order because they are trying to turn a profit in a market flooded with Androids.

      Brand is becoming less important; the smaller operation can now deliver units of equal quality.

  • AcemanX AcemanX

    wow look at that commercial….from that to an iphone clone