, great prices on high-tech gadgets

Over the past month we have featured deals from Some of the deals seem too good to be true, but they’re not. I had the chance to interview’s head of marketing, Melanie Yu, and here are the answers to the questions I had for her. Even though we do get many review units for free, the deals at were so good I found myself ordering goods with my own money. Learn about them for yourself:

What city is headquartered?
Shenzhen, China – Also known as China’s Silicon Valley due to the concentration of high-tech companies

When did open?
February of 2014

How many products do you carry?
We focus on all things tech from RC vehicles to unlocked smartphones with seven day battery life, has your needs covered. We have hundreds of products and continue to expand our portfolio.

What area is your main focus? (cell phones, accessories, ???)
We focus on all things tech, cellphones, smartwatches, tablets and more. We specialize in bringing high quality products with low prices. Brick and mortar stores such as Best Buy and Target have high overhead costs like store sales people and managers. At we keep overhead costs to a minimum by eliminating the middle man and can pass on the discounts to the customers.

How do you keep prices low?

By shipping direct to customers and eliminating the middle sales person, we can dramatically cut expenses. At we pride ourselves in offering high-quality products at Black Friday prices year around by streamlining costs and minimizing overhead. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

What are typical shipping times to the US?
About 2-3 days(from us warehouse to us)

Where is the warehouse in the US?
New York, New York

Will you have a store or just a warehouse stateside? is an online electronics seller, and we’re trying to develop more and more overseas warehouses to spread our discounts worldwide.

Tell me one or two things you want your customers to know about
1. provides FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on every single order.
2. We offer extremely competitive pricing with excellent customer service.

I have found to be highly competitive and even found myself ordering a few products like the DOOGEE F5 smartphone for $139.99 which comes loaded with Android 5.1 and other great specs. Look for deals that will be featured on in the coming weeks and let us know if works out for you. We anticipate offering reviews on some of their budget and mid-range devices which we expect to compete with the likes of the Moto G, Moto E, and similar devices.

If you’re interested in check them out today. If you would like to contact them with further questions, click here.


  • Neville Holland

    I’ve ordered from Gearbest a few times now. Mainly items that the kids will enjoy, the products have always been good quality and the prices very competitive. In fact I’ve often seen product offered on local website (based in the UK) at 4/5 times the cost of the Gearbest website.

    Shipping is free, but it isn’t the fastest. Having said that everything turned up in working order. The customer service is excellent, when I’d order an out of stock product they were very helpful in getting me to choose an alternative or credit the original order.

    I’ve an order inbound as we speak…

  • Ry

    Don’t believe these shipping estimates. I never received my order. Gearbest sent my order via unregistered post (not registered) without my consultation. Other items took over a month to arrive, their postal time estimates are false advertising. I was ignored when asking for my money back. They are a fraudulent company who stole my money.

  • Arturo

    I ordered a mobile phone from BearBest and it never arrived. Despite many many messages they were not interested and refused to do anything. Do not take my word for it – do a simple goole search on gearbest reviews and you will find many people with the same experience. Paid for goods do not arrive and they do not give a refund. After many messages from myself they finally agreed to give me 50% credit to my store wallet. In other words, half the value of the phone to be used with them again with in-store credit. So much for the lie that they give you a 45 day refund. It is just a con. Considering all the complaints on the web from people who have not received their goods, I would not be surprised if it is policy to not deliver e.g. 10% of orders so that they can keep prices cheap and still make a profit. Considering all the complaints of non-delivered goods (check for yourself with a google search) any reputable company would change their courier or do something to resolve the issue. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED – AVOID. WORST COMPANY EVER.
    p.s. Interview above is very poor – surely an worthwhile journalist would have done some background research on GearBest (and seen all the complaints) and would put those questions to the company!

  • Mark

    I Like and All these websites have great deals and cool products from China.

  • ochisryl
  • felt compelled.

    gearbest is a company owned by a UK businessman. With warehousing in hong kong and china. The warehousing isn’t his own- he uses the warehouses of other fulfillment companies and takes the difference in wholesale prices and sale prices as profit. They run staffed centres with local staff with cut and paste answers, and are discouraged to venture off the cut and paste responses as the responses have been carefully crafted to avoid responsibility and are designed to stall action on the buyers behalf, should any concerns or issues arise. The two major warehouses in China and Hong Kong are not affiliated and stock is owned by different companies as a drop shipment arrangement- hence the reason for stock levels not being interchangeable between sites and lack of stock holding knowledge from the customer service staff. If you use Gearbest- use at your own risk. They have a higher than average track record of non delivery and reviews on various websites are posted by customer service staff in between webchats with customers to skew and artificially bolster reputation.