What if the iPhone ran Android, and Google didn’t allow iOS users to use Google Search, Gmail and YouTube?

I finally got back to San Diego, after a ten day holiday vacation with my family. I had a great time celebrating and feasting with the ones I love.

Being an Editor/Writer for AndroidGuys.com comes with a whole host of job duties that aren’t part of what I signed up for – like being the family and friends I.T. guy from the moment I get to my hometown. The ironic part of these duties is I spend more time helping those with iPhones than those with Android devices. It’s probably just a coincidence that I had to help more people with iPhones, but it definitely got me pondering why people pay so much for so little. Or maybe I just know more people with iPhones.

I know the rhetoric is old between who is better between iOS and Android, and I am not here to rekindle that fire. Instead I just want to bring to light some of the things I have pondered when I was on my travels home.


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The Apple iPhone 6s Plus specs: Nothing to write home about

I chose the iPhone 6s Plus because it is the better of the two iPhones. The base model iPhone 6s Plus comes in at a whopping $749 for the 16GB model in silver, grey, gold, and rose gold. Here are the specs according to GSM Arena:
Main Features:
Display: 5.5 inch 1920×1080 HD Screen
CPU: Dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister
GPU: PowerVR GT7600 (six-core graphics)
System: iOS 9
Camera: Back camera 12MP
Battery: 2750mAh

The main specs, at least the ones that most of us care about, are the dual core processor, the 5.5″ 1080p IPS display, 16GB of non-expandable memory, 2GB of RAM, 12MP camera and the 2750mAh battery. And it also has that important all-metal uni-body build that we care so much about.

On paper the specs are about as good as a flagship Android device from 2012. Regardless, there are still brand new Android phones being sold with similar type specs. The Outkitel K6000 from Gearbest.com runs $120 with free shipping, has a quad core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of memory, a 5.5″ 720p display, 13MP rear camera, and a 6000mAh battery. It also has a mostly metal build and is 2mm thicker due to that extra large battery.

5.5 inch OUKITEL K6000 4G Phablet Android 5.1 MTK6735 64bit Quad Core 1.0GHz 2RB RAM 16GB ROM 13.0MP + 5.0MP OTG 2.5D Screen Fast Charging
Main Features:
Display: 5.5 inch 1280 x 720 HD Screen
CPU: MTK6735 64bit Quad Core 1.0GHz
GPU: Mali-T720
System: Android 5.1
Camera: Back camera 8.0MP ( Interpolation to 13.0MP ) with flashlight and auto focus + front camera 2.0MP ( Interpolation to 5.0MP )
Battery: 6000mAh large capacity built-in battery
Reverse charging: Can charge other devices at the same time by the dedicated line
Sensor: Gravity sensor, Proximity sensor, Light sensor
Bluetooth: 4.0
Features: GPS, GPRS, OTG
SIM Card: Dual SIM dual standby, Dual Micro SIM

Remember the key features of the Oukitel K6000 are that it costs an incredibly low price of $120, and it has a battery life rating of 96 hours for talk time. That’s over six times cheaper than the iPhone 6s Plus and it outlasts the battery life by four times. I know the Oukitel K6000 doesn’t run iOS, but it does run Android 5.1, and you could buy a new version, every year until 2022 and still save yourself money. I highly doubt the iPhone 6s Plus will survive six straight years of usage, and Apple most likely won’t support it in 2022 too.

I’ll compare another unlocked Android smartphone, just in case you really want a better screen. The Elephone Vowney can be had for the low price of $300-330 and it comes with a 2k IPS LCD display. It also comes with a whole bunch more hardware for half the cost, so it isn’t quite fair to compare the Vowney to the iPhone 6s Plus on the hardware front because it simply blows it out of the water. See below:

Elephone Vowney

Main Features:
Display: 5.5 inch 2K LCD Screen, 2560 x 1440 pixel
CPU: Helio X10 Octa Core 1.9GHz
GPU: PowerVR G6200
System: Android 5.1
RAM + ROM: 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM, TF Card up to 128GB
Camera: Back camera 21.0MP with flashlight and auto focus + front camera 8.0MP
Bluetooth: 4.0
Features: NFC, OTG
GPS: Yes
SIM Card: Dual SIM dual standby, one is Micro SIM, the other is Nano Card

Hardware wise the iPhone 6s Plus doesn’t even come close to the Elephone Vowney and yet it still costs over twice as much.

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What is it about iOS that people love so much?

Many people like to make claims that iOS is safer and Apple doesn’t mine individual’s data from things like email or web browsing. This simply isn’t true. Android is safe, if not safer than iOS, and Google mines data no differently than Apple. Even with Google’s latest software, you can even control exactly how much information you want to give out.

What doesn’t make sense to me when people make this claim is those same people use Google to search. As of Nov. 2015, Google Search dominates the search engine market with 71% market share so there is a good chance those iPhone users are using Google software. Yahoo comes in behind Google at 12% market share.

The search engine is just one thing…

Most people also have a Gmail account to serve as their primary email service. Gmail dominates Apple when is comes to email and Android phones can use Google’s own Gmail just like Apple iPhones do too. So for those who worry about Google mining their data, it might be better if you go to someone else like hotmail or yahoo. But then you’re just giving them your information instead of Google.

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What if Google didn’t share its software like Apple?

Not only does Google dominate Apple when it comes to pricing of hardware, but many iPhone users would probably not be happy campers if Google never shared its software like Apple doesn’t with Google. Although Apple finally did share Apple Music with Android users this year so Apple doesn’t completely lock down its software.

iOS users frequently use Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Photos, Chrome, and Google Calendar.

I’m sure Yahoo or Bing wouldn’t mind if Google took away its search capability from iPhones, but those users probably wouldn’t be happy considering 71% if the market share goes to Google Search. And Apple Maps has been a mess since it was released while never even coming close to the power of Google Maps.


Many small businesses default to Google Drive and its productivity apps because it is a great alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite. Google productivity apps are 100% free and are perfect for keeping small businesses going without added costs.

Apple’s iCloud service which helps iPhone users back up precious data, was breached last year exposing tons of private information to the world mainly because Apple didn’t offer two factor identification. Sadly many private photos of celebrities are now on the web forever because Apple didn’t protect their information.

Google has made security the most important factor in its software and offered two factor identification years ago. Not only that, but Google also gives three times the amount of free storage(15GB) to back up all of that information. The cherry on top is unlimited free photo storage on Google Photos and its free to both Android and iOS users.

Some software like Waze is so deeply integrated into Google software that people don’t even know it. My brother owns an iPhone 6 and keeps telling me to download Waze. I keep telling him that Google integrates it into Google Maps already and through Google Now. But like most Apple users, he simply won’t listen. Regardless, he still loves Waze and continues to sell Google to his friends without even knowing it.


Apple is like the spoiled child who doesn’t know how to share. Google is the sibling who knows better and shares everything as it lives up to its founders motto of “Don’t be Evil”. Many iOS users would probably not be as happy with their iPhones without the free software from Google. I wonder what their lives would be like without Google Search, YouTube and Google Maps.

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Many investors are downgrading Apple stock

According to the Wall Street Journal, investors in Apple want more. Many are downgrading the lucrative stock because Apple is running out of new ways to generate income. Only so many people in this world are willing to pay for the super expensive $750 iPhone and Apple’s stock price is down 2%  this year. Yes Apple is still the most valuable company on this planet, but Blackberry, Motorola and Nokia once ruled the mobile phone market too.


Steve Jobs powered Apple and without him they are not the same. It is unrealistic to expect to replace a once in a lifetime type person like Steve Jobs. Now being further removed from Steve Jobs, Apple is starting to falter.

As consumers are becoming better educated, and wireless carriers do away with the two-year contract, many are starting to see the true cost of iPhones. There are dozens, if not hundreds of alternatives to the iPhone and they all run Android. If the iPhone ran Android, it would cost $120 based on hardware specs. But we all know the added price comes in that easy to use iOS platform. Is it really worth the extra money?

I know I am going to get my fair share of hatemail and trollish comments on this topic. But there’s that old saying that my momma taught me:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I’m still paying less for my phones.

Elephone Vowney – LINK

Outkitel K6000 – LINK

Waze – LINK



  • McHale72

    What if Google didn’t allow users to use Google Search, Gmail and YouTube?

    It’s called Windows Phone.

    • Mayank Gupta

      Agreed, Windows Mobile is running without all the google apps, it was difficult initially, but Microsoft apps cover some gap if not all.

      • RockMarz


    • NoNotTellingYou

      Yeah, how’s that worked out for them so far?

    • Roog

      But that’s a Microsoft decision to not implement Google products, they are protecting their valued assets, if you will. Google would allow it.

      • That’s the stupidest f-ing comment I’ve read on the Internet ever. And I’ve been on the Internet since before AOL was the “king” of the Internet.

        I mean seriously, Microsoft has implemented Google services into every version of Windows Phone since it launched in 2009. It was GOOGLE that incessantly crippled those services. They stripped out ActiveSync support for Gmail users in favor of a customized IMAP/iCAL implementation. They purposely blocked and threatened to sue Microsoft over the YouTube app because it didn’t use HTML5 even though the iOS and Android versions of YouTube at the time didn’t either. Google has REFUSED to release ANY Google app on Windows 8.x or 10, thus far.

        But hey, go ahead and blame it on Microsoft. Sure. And if this were pre-2000, I might agree that Microsoft was a bully back then, but they’ve been gutted since 2001 when Ballmer took over from Gates. And since Satya took over, FYI, the company has made a significant about-face in their relationships with other companies. Once mortal enemies have brought Satya and other MSFT execs on stage to present as partners.

  • Mike A

    What if Google didn’t allow users to use Google Search, Gmail and YouTube?

    1. Apple would lose some device sales, though not nearly as many as you’d think. Remember, China is now Apple’s biggest market, and Google has almost no presence there at all.
    2. Google’s stock would crash, as around two thirds of their mobile revenue comes from iOS (by their own admission).
    3. Google would receive immediate investigations from FTC, DOJ, EU, etc., as leveraging market power in one market (search) to gain competitive advantage in a different market (mobile OS) is illegal under antitrust law.

  • tiger

    OMG, this article reeks of ignorance!!

    Miyao…seriously, you’re a senior editor?????

    Love this one: “On paper the specs are about as good as a flagship Android device from 2012.”

    So, in 2012, Android flagships had ARMv8 architecture chips? You do realize that the processor of the iPhone 6s is a CUSTOM-designed ARMv8 CPU, right?! And that EACH CPU core can do AT LEAST 6 instruction set / cycle.

    Currently, to keep in perspective, your BEST Android chip (Samsung Exynos in S6/Note5) can do 3 instruction set/cycle…and this is ARMv8 architecture but it uses a generic core design from ARM. And this is why S6/Note5 single core Geekbench3 is about same as iPhone 5s from 2 years ago!

    So, even compared with 2015 (hell, 2016!), iPhone 6s processor is far superior. It can run at max power withOUT throttling for a very very long time. Android’s best throttles after a few minutes! Snapdragon 810 throttles to near zero within 1 min!

    iOS users use Apple Maps much more than Google. iMessage is far superior to anything Android has to offer! Privacy is far superior with end-to-end encryption on EVERY SINGLE Apple service.

    Strange how iPhone displays are so “low” in resolution, yet ranks 2nd in display quality…only SLIGHTLY behind Samsung excellent AMOLED.

    Like display, you talk about MEGAPIXEL with utter ignorance. Really, you think MP is everything in a camera?????

    You think that Google is open? You think that Google is sharing their services for the better of mankind? Dude, get your head out of your bottom!!

    Google is a walled garden too: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/10/googles-iron-grip-on-android-controlling-open-source-by-any-means-necessary/1/

    • Michael Steiner

      iMessage only works with other iMessage clients. Not even close to the same thing. I would say it is very safe but highly limited.

  • tiger

    Celebrity hack scandal…how many of those celebs sue Apple??? Wanna guess?? (Hint: number less than 1.)

    How many of those celebs sue GOOGLE??? (Hint: number greater than zero.)

    Do you think that iCloud was hack? OR do you think that celebs was hacked due to phishing? (Hint: second choice)

    StageFright anyone? How long did Google take to fix it CORRECTLY?

    Moronic “senior” editor!

    • RockMarz

      You better fact check. You moron

      • tiger

        Tell me where i am wrong. Can you answer the questions above?

      • tiger


      • tiger

        For sure, you have finished your “fact” check by now coward!

        Which of what i wrote is wrong?

    • Derrick Miyao

      38 people sued.

      • tiger

        You’re kinda pathetic little guy! It took you this long to respond?

        Ok, show me.

      • tiger

        Show me.

  • tiger

    True costs of iPhones limiting sales? Hint: NEXT program or any of the monthly payment or annual upgrade programs. Contracts are old. Monthly payments with annual upgrades are key…low payments without contract.

    Lets look at Android and what they have to offer.

    Android phones = with exception of Galaxy S and Notes, Android phones are relegated to LOW PROFIT low end side of the market. And Samsung S6 and Note 5 sales have been disappointing at the high end market. Android continues to dominate “marketshare” with zero profits because they dominate the poor countries and poor customers. I think that LG G4 makes ONE PENNY in profit per phone (or something like that) for LG!!!!

    Android Wear = even after TWO years, it is barely breaking 2-3 million in sales COMBINED. Apple Watch is scheduled to sell over 20 million in ONE year. Hell, the best watch for Android is NOT even Android, but Tizen! LOL

    Oh yeah, Apple is in trouble!! Bankruptcy for sure like BB! LOL

    Again, what a moronic article! And this is coming from a senior editor????? Embarrassing!!

    • RockMarz

      You’re an idiot

      • tiger

        Care to disprove what i wrote?

    • Derrick Miyao

      Where did you find 20m Apple watch sales data?

      • tiger

        Google it. That is the safe estimates. Remember, this is ONE YEAR total.

        Compare that to Android Wear over TWO FULL YEARS. Not even close.

        But you knew that already, right?!

        • Derrick Miyao

          I did. Can’t find 20m as a projected number anywhere . Apple doesn’t release watch sales numbers.

          • tiger

            So, you’re telling me that YOU using your all-time favorite Google cannot find it?


            BTW, this guy (Horace Dediu) is very reliable in his estimates.

          • RockMarz

            He gets info from bloomberg or Forbes.oh…they have never been proved wrong.

          • RockMarz

            Or fortune…all pro apple propaganda.

    • Derrick Miyao

      Also, whether or not people use the NEXT program or not the iPhone still costs $750.

      • tiger

        iPhone starts at $650. But, to your point, this monthly payments help folks absorb the cost better by spreading out the payments. Did YOU think that contracted phones were free??? No! With a contract, you’re paying more for the contract AND the phone at the same time. Wait, don’t tell me that a SENIOR editor thought that contracted phones were cheaper?!!!!

        Why do you think iPhone remains so damn popular in CHina or Africa? They all have this spread out payment plans. In addition, these programs have the one year upgrade plans to further entice folks.

      • tiger

        You really think that Apple is on the verge of being Blackberry????????????


    • fitnesspro22

      All I can say is that you Apple sheep ought to look at the teal life facts, not substitute your biased opinion about

      • tiger

        Real life? I have an iPhone 5s from two years ago that basically will embarrass your N5 in every damn way. Wanna play?

        Gaming? 5s way better.

        Custom ARMv8 chip? Oh wait, nevermind, your chip is based on 25 year old technology!

        Camera? 5s way better.

        Audio via headphones? 5s way better.

        Audio latency? 5s way better.

        Fingerprint reader? Oh wait, 5s of course.

        Carrier support? Non-existent on N5 with Sprint.

        Water resistance? 5s better.

        Wow, is that real-world enough for you???!! LOL

        And you want to compare your crappy POS N5 to iPhone 6??!!!

        Dude, know your tech first before opening your mouth next time.

        • fitnesspro22

          You ought to read the detail. My N5 used to run circules around my wife’s iPh 6+ in terms of operational speed. Got it. I play no games. My old iPh 5 was a piece of crap. As soon as the warranty expired began eating my data, freezing and battery drain in 3_4 hours when not in use. When I got the N5 I got a piece of mind. No problems at all for $349.00. I also got out of the iPh straight jacket. OK You are also incorrect about my opening my mouth. I texted, did not dictate. (Sent from my NEXUS 6P /Premium or Perfect – take your pick/). Ah, one more thing. I sold my N5 for $150.00, the same amount I got for the iPh5. Happy New Year.

          • tiger

            N5…piece of mind? Wasn’t there a battery drain bug that only got fixed some 1.5 YEARS later? Please, i know N5 quite well. Don’t BS dude.

            $349? Sure good deal but it got that cheap because Google compromised badly with the internals!! Pure utter crap in the camera department and audio. Didn’t Anandtech have to put it into a FREEZER to even run benchmarks?!!! LOL

            How about this? N5 was sold by Amazon a month ago for $70 NEW. I would love for you to find me a $70 new iPhone 5s (same age as your N5) on eBay or Amazon!!!

            Still want to talk about value?!! LOL

            Nexus 6P? LOL, the one with the heat-producing chip that throttles like crazy? Oh yeah, color me impress! NOT!

            You want to compare 6s to your 6P? LOL

      • tiger

        How is it 2 years behind?

    • Derrick Miyao

      So what’s about China being the largest market for Apple?

      • tiger

        It is large…maybe you missed it, but last quarter Apple blew away the competition in profits! Now, Apple is expanding in India, another stronghold for Android that is going down the drain.

        Next quarter, wanna bet that Apple still blows the competition away despite world economy going down?

        Have you seen Samsung outlook?

        Derrick, like i said before, you’re an idiot fanboy with ZERO tech knowledge.

        Still think Apple A9 is behind everyone else? LOL

        • Derrick Miyao

          You said china was apples largest market which it is not. Numbers confirmed it. Apple is also projected to shrink in sales next quarter. The start of the downfall.

          • tiger

            Dummy, everyone is projected to fall! See Samsung. See LG. HTC is dead already.

            Samsung is predicted to lose how much profits next quarter? Oh yeah, buttloads!

          • tiger

            Downfall for sure with these numbers: Apple posted revenue of $75.9 billion, setting an all-time quarterly record in the process. Meanwhile, Apple’s quarterly profits checked in at $18.4 billion while EPS for the quarter checked in at $3.28, easily besting the consensus on Wall Street.

            Blackberry numbers for sure….LOL

          • tiger

            Here is some perspective for your ignorant ass:

            Whilst Apple’s iPhone sales only grew by 0.4 percent in their last quarter, they actually managed to increase sales of their smartphones by 20 percent in 2015, whilst other companies saw their sales decline.

            Microsoft also announced their financial results recently sales of their smartphones were actually down a massive 57 percent in 2015 to just 4.5 million handsets.

            Whilst Samsung had a small increase of just 1 percent in 2015, the company actually sold the most devices out of all the smartphone makers with a total of 317 million handsets sold.

      • tiger

        Still think Apple is Blackberry?

  • RockMarz

    Watch out. Editor, butt hurt Apple lovers here commenting.

    • tiger

      Hmmm, seems like it is your panties that got twisted here….

      • RockMarz

        Only person who’s Panties are twisted is yours..like I said apple lovers are hurt.do you understand where apple really makes money?since you know all.ps you are button hurt by facts..all your arguments sounds familiar. Like what I heard pro apple folk say.depends what you read..paste and cut

        • tiger

          Dude, why don’t you learn to write before posting on the net?

          • RockMarz

            Giving classes?

          • tiger

            Nah, you fit in with the Android crowd…poor getting free Obama phones and poorly educated filled with ignorance.

          • RockMarz

            As you are a conservative piece of shit!! Speaking of ignorance,right?right.obama phones?? What are those?? Huh miss white trash.go get on your knees and go suck your brother off..haha and you use the word ignorance? Haha.oh BTW you don’t know what I do.. Go smoke a sausage…oh and look around a lot of so called poor folk use iPhones, you friggin imbecile.
            P.s this was the first
            year since 2008 that Apple was in red…that’s a fact jackass..my lovely typing skills are straight off a iPhone 6.

          • tiger

            LOL…you ARE society’s trash!!! I do know you…look at the way you write! Let me guess…”Do you like extra ketchup?” is your favorite quote!

            My lawn person uses Android…holy crap! WTF are you on the computer?!! Get off your lazy butt and finish my yard you POS!

            Apple in the red? Really? Show me your facts. Do you even know what it means?!

          • RockMarz

            An elitist huh?You know it’s a better chance you’ll be doing my yard buddy.this is fact.Like I said, you know nothing.and yes I know what it means.ok tool…OK dog,fetch my papers.

          • tiger

            Ok little boy, show me that Apple is in the RED for first time since 2008.

            Source? Data?

            Oh no, I got you right. You are the typical Android poor uneducated Obama trash. Thanks for confirming it.

          • RockMarz

            Like you told the other guy.look it up? *cough* you’re smart right?now now.don’t look at those tech giant publications such as Forbes,fortune..so on and so forth.ok you phoney conservative idiot.you as bright as a corn kernel.you bore me. Scum

          • tiger

            You just got OWNED! Apple in the red!!!! Lol. You’re a moron on the same level as this “senior” editor!!

            STFU dumbass.

          • RockMarz

            Got owned?? You fucking dim wit.owned what?? You horse ass faced monkey.yeah .I said this year'(2015)..naturally morons don’t comprehend,right tigeress? I’m leaving this combo..I got things to do, so go make a hole in a pillow and put Tom cocks pic on it.yawn.later dimwit

          • tiger

            Hahaha, a dumbass AND a coward!!

            2015 year, Apple is in the RED? Show me the financial statements please. LOL

            You are a classic Android ignorant dumbass!

            My advice: go back to school, lawn care and McDs are not stable future dude. Once you are educated past a 4th grader, then you can understand your stupidity.

          • RockMarz

            Again.. Pay attention.Im in an iPhone

          • RockMarz

            Ok I’m bored of this.buhbye

          • RockMarz

            Love yours,oh yeah.Bloomberg? Do you get you info from Forbes azz well,goes figguyours

          • RockMarz

            He jeanyus he ulso poest hair what fax day rites

          • RockMarz

            Yez.they goo two pace for tex,nut day uber bee ring ore pooved two bee…reel new weee new da girl woo Reed ut

  • tiger

    Derrick Miyao,

    Dude, you need to get out of tech! Your “article” above is a freaking joke!!! I sure hope that you were just lying to please the ignorant Android fan base. PLEASE TELL ME SO!!

    Otherwise, the above article is full of holes!! I am not even sure that you got ONE thing right or factual!

    Hell, i am not even in tech world and i know a whole lot more than your ignorant ass!

  • Zac

    Of course there is extreme bias in this article considering it is on “Android Guys”. Still, if you aren’t convinced there is bias, the author referring to Apple as a “spoiled child” and Google as the sibling who “knows better” says it all.

    • tiger

      Love the reference where iPhone 6s processor is just as slow as 2012 Android!!!! LOL

      This moronic editor has been under a rock to say that 6s processor is THREE YEARS behind Android! LOL

    • Hung Solo

      Yeah got a big chuckle out of that one. The only thing goggle “knows better” is they can keep making junk software/hardware and idiots will keep buying it.

      • tiger

        Don’t forget about Google invading one’s privacy!

  • marcedli

    No, Waze is not integrated into Google navigation. You’re terribly wrong.., read or ask someone who knows it better than you…
    Only some useless reports…

  • komodo666

    You should try taking lsd before writing your articles, it will help you to realise your Android world and eco system was a cheap illusion, then you might cry a bit, and walk to the closest Apple Store and get a new iPhone and never look back, maybe you might get a new job at 9to5mac or cultofmac, maybe start drinking craft beer, let your beard grow, and have a happy life and never care about the specs.

    • tiger

      Please leave him to Android…where ignorance rule the day.

  • tiger

    Derrick, my advice to you: stick to writing articles about wallpapers…because you do not jack shit about tech! Your knowledge is embarrassingly bad, even by Android users’ typical ignorance standard!

    Now, go write some more wallpaper articles….

    • Derrick Miyao

      Happy New year tiger. I appreciate your enthusiasm. You know China is not Apple’s largest market? It is probably going to be the largest market. Thanks for the entertainment though and thank you for reading all of my posts. I hope you enjoy the wallpapers! Those are good to use on iPhones too! The users of the smaller iPhone may not get to take full advantage of the HD and QHD images, but they will still look great on the Retina display.

  • Karly Johnston

    I think you are doing yourself a disservice using this tired argument. The silicon in the A9 per core is equal to Core i5 Broadwell. All the components from RAM to NAND are at the highest quality. You might say it is less than an S6, but comparing it to a cheap Chinese phone with the lowest class of components is just embarrassing… for you.

  • D. Haile

    So inaccurate….have you seen benchmarks? you just look and say “it must have more cores and more ghz so of coarse its powerful ” yet the iPhone is the most powerful phone in the world.

    • Derrick Miyao

      Benchmark tests can’t be compared. iPhones run much weaker software in iOS.

      • tiger

        Huh??? Explain please…i am dying to know!!

        Where do you come up with these idiocies??????? WTF dude!

        Do more research before opening your mouth!

      • tiger

        “Much weaker software in iOS”

        And for this, benchmarks cannot be compared!

        Gotta love dumbass Miyao!

      • tiger

        Dumbass, let me guess…some of your colleagues have already told you just how moronic that statement made by you.

        Dude, stick to posting wallpapers! That is your only mission in life. You’re an embarrassment to this site!

      • Zac

        Derrick, move on. That comment and this “article” was written a month ago. Time to let it go and try to do better the next time around.

      • tiger

        Still waiting….

  • tiger

    Derrick Moron, how are the specs of the iPhone 6s as good as Samsung Galaxy S3 (2012)???

    Can you show me WHICH SPECS you’re talking about??