LG announces affordable “K Series” line of phones at CES 2016

LG has obviously taken notice of how well affordable phones are doing and have decided to roll out a new lineup of affordable phones. The South Korean technology giant is debuting its K Series line of phones aimed squarely at younger users looking for premium features while still on a budget, the K10 and the K7. The K10 and K7 will both launch in two variants, one with LTE and a 3G only variant with lower specs.


  • Nerd Furnace

    What does “affordable” mean?

    • Matt Adams

      Pricing hasn’t been released but these will be entry level phones. Anywhere from $100 to $350 would be a decent guess. The K7 will be headed to Boost Mobile and named the Tribute 5. It’ll be available in the first quarter of 2016 but pricing hasn’t been released yet.