The next Nexus manufacturer should be…

HTC Nexus One
HTC Nexus One

Wouldn’t it be cool if Google let us vote on it? The Nexus One was launched a whole six years ago (crazy, huh?). Since then, Google dipped its toes into partnerships with many of the stapled phone manufacturers – HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, and Asus on the Nexus 7 tablets. It was a neat opportunity to show off Google’s established “Be together. Not the same” motto for Android.

As we get underway in 2016, Android fans can’t help but wonder what Google will do next. Will the software giant move on to a new OEM for the next flagship Nexus? Will there be another price-varied Nexus pair and repeated partnership, such as with LG on the Nexus 5X? Or will Google say enough is enough and take matters into its own hands (i.e. Pixel C)?

We really don’t know what to expect, which is both frustrating and exciting for Android enthusiasts. But we can ask: Who do we strongly think should be the chosen one? I imagine that opinions will most fall on a manufacturer who has done it before; there aren’t many top-end OEMs left who haven’t. This fact does however set sights on Sony. Xperia phones are among the best in the flagship realm. But Sony’s lacking presence in the U.S. may make this possibility difficult.

Sony Nexus concept
Sony Nexus concept


We also can’t forget the turn of events in the tablet space. Instead of a renewed Nexus tablet, Google gave us a home-brewed Pixel convertible. Could this be a foreshadowing of things to come for Nexus phones? If Google now has in-house capability to manufacturer hardware, why should it continue to go to a manufacturer? Wouldn’t it be more efficient for Google to control the production of its own device?

We’d like to hear what our readers think. Vote on the poll below!

  • Simon Gray

    the only real problem with sony stuff has been their horrific implementation of android. a sony nexus would be glorious.

    • Josh Noriega

      Totally! I personally prefer either a Sony Nexus or Google taking the reigns with a Pixel phone. Also wouldn’t mind HTC stepping in again for the Nexus Two we never got 🙂

    • JointhePredacons

      I’d rather HTC over Sony. But Sony’s smart watch 3 is the best of that bunch.

  • metro_struggler

    For sure it won’t be Samsung. That relationship is so sour at this point, it’s not even remotely a possibility I think.

  • Origin

    Display = 5.5 inch.
    Processor = Snapdragon 820.
    Speakers = HTC BoomSound™ with Dolby Audio™.

  • KeKyKo

    I say change everything. Pick Yota Phone to make the next Nexus.

  • NardVa

    Anybody but Samsung. HTC and LG did the best job pushing the boundaries and LG kept the cost low. It would be nice to see HTC get another shot, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Huawei get back to back years. Google is trying position themselves in China.

  • Freak_ Aniket_

    Google should make this year NEXUS, I just want to see a NEXUS which is handled only by google, then battle of Google vs Apple is more fun..

  • A Nexus Pixel becoming reality would be the most ideal scenario considering that Google has kind of gotten boxed into a corner when it comes to naming Nexus phones after screen sized.