Read this before you drop $800 on the S7 edge. The hype is out of control.

I am having a real hard time grasping how there are so many full reviews of the biggest Android release of the year. When it comes to sales, nothing matches the Galaxy S line in sheer volume and sales numbers for Android. So when I see these raving reviews of the S7 edge without a real world evaluation, it drives me a bit crazy.

As reviewers and writers it is our responsibility to be as fair and up front as possible. For crying out loud, at least give the phone three weeks before you give it a full review. Before you go and drop $800 on the S7 edge, or if you already have, consider that 14 or 15 day return policy you have. Save your receipts. As great as the the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is, it is also far from perfect.

The Hype is out of control

Sure the S7 edge looks gorgeous. I am not denying that, but that shouldn’t be the main reason why people buy a phone. Whoever keeps saying Touchwiz has been dialed back in this version needs to bring the proof. Don’t just say it has been dialed back without pointing out where it actually has been reduced. My AT&T version is loaded with bloat. The advertised 32GB of memory is really about 20GB. Between AT&T and Samsung there are 28 apps that I do not want but can only disable them. Those apps take up about 3GB of space that I could have used for music. Instead it is just disabled memory.

After just a couple of days I am seeing lag and without a doubt it is due to Touchwiz. YouTube freezes on me on every single video I play. Auto rotation works 50% of the time properly when I am in the YouTube app. I am constantly shaking my S7 edge to get the display to rotate.

I’ve had the S7 edge freeze on me multiple times and had the screen go black. The fix was a full reboot.

To get a full experience, you cannot get by on a day or even just seven days of usage. It’s easy to overlook these shortcomings in such a small time frame. But when you have to deal with these bugs over a month, two months, they become extremely annoying.

$800 is a hell of a lot of money to pay for a phone


AndroidGuys is not Android Central, The Verge, or Engadget. I actually feel the pain of buying the S7 edge because it is with money I earned. My review unit is a real unit that I am stuck with.

I refuse to tell you guys to go drop $800 on a phone that I have spent a day with. That’s irresponsible. The reviewers at the big sites don’t spend much more than a month or two with these phones and move on to the next.


You readers aren’t reviewers. You’re lucky if you change phones once a year. In all likelihood you most likely change phones once every two years. Go watch real speed test comparisons on YouTube where there are apps opening. The S7 edge is no faster than the Note5 nor is it faster than the iPhone 6S Plus. Just because it has a Snapdragon 820 doesn’t make it much faster than last year’s processors. And even if the S7 edge is faster, it is so hard to notice that you would never notice that speed difference in real life scenarios.

The battery is nothing special

Sure the battery got bigger. But last year’s S6 and S6 edge had awful battery life. With a bigger battery the S7 edge can now make it through a full day. WHOOP DEE DO. The S7 edge is not going to get you through two full days just because it got bigger. It will get you through a day, and that’s what last year’s phone should have done. This year’s improvement should have been to 1.5 or even two full days.

Don’t fall for the specs. Go on actual usage and ask these reviewers to post detailed reports of this battery they are claiming is so much better.

I don’t see any camera improvements in the day or the night

The S7 edge is supposed to have a better camera. Well guess what, last year’s Galaxy camera was pretty damn good. Samsung realized there wasn’t much more they could do to improve upon it so they created marketing buzz about this year’s camera being optimized.

In my camera samples I don’t see much change. I might even say the LG V10 camera is better. I might even venture to say the iPhone 6S Plus camera is better. It is really that close.

I don’t get it.

The edges are annoying because they are really easy to bump on accident

There is very little metal to grasp onto.

Let me reiterate that the S7 edge is downright sexy. But that doesn’t make it functional. I have normal sized hands, and I am constantly bumping the edges. Those bumps make the phone do things I don’t want it to do. If I was only doing a review for a couple of days, it wouldn’t be so bad to put up with it.

But if I had to deal with this for a year, or even two at worst, I would probably throw my phone into the ocean. It really is that annoying. Picture that in your head when you’re typing an email and you accidentally bump the edge and open another app. I am constantly shrinking my display to split screen mode or accidentally opening apps. And then ask yourself, could you put up with this for two years?

Consider your options

$800 is a whole heck of a lot of money to spend. I am having a real hard time grasping how these big websites can give full reviews in such a short period of time. Even if they’ve had the phone for a week, even two, it isn’t long enough to give a full recommendation when it comes at this price point.

Android phones have terrible depreciation value. In three months the S7 edge will go on sale. It will drop again in six months when the iPhone 7 is released. The S7 edge is far from perfect and you really need to consider what these reviewers are saying and don’t let your excitement get the best of you. Sure Gear VR is a cool gift but would you spend $100 on it anyways? If your answer is no, then wait two or three months and you’ll probably save $200 when the price is dropped. Nothing these cell phone companies give you is really free and that’s why they are some of the largest money makers in the world.


In two, three, or four months from now the S7 edge will still be the same phone. No one needs a new phone the day it is released. If you do you’re just wasting precious money. I bought the phone because it makes me understand how my wallet affects my reviews better. I am not different than you. I have a day job as a chemist and earn my gadgets just like everyone else.

I honestly hate writing posts like this bashing the phone and other sites, but if I don’t warn you of what you’re getting into with the S7 edge, you might be stuck with a bad decision for the next two years.

So far the expensive S7 edge is a whole lot of hype. Yes it is fast. Yes it has a great display. Yes it looks sweet. But there’s so much more to a review than that.

You don’t live the life of a reviewer where you can show 40 phones on your desk and pick the best of 2015. You most likely get one choice and you’re stuck with it.

Go ahead and get the S7 edge, but I strongly urge you to wait for more reviews in the coming months from sites that care about giving you full and long term reviews. Or when you get the S7 in your hands, be objective. You have 14-15 days to return it to the place you bought it.


  • Silver

    As great as the the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is, it is also far from perfect.
    Feel your pain brother. Thnx.

  • max Clyde

    Thank you for the great review (and warning). You’re right about most reviewers being different from normal consumers. Was a good read.

  • retrospooty

    You do still need to debloat it. It sucks that it is necesary, but any OEM Android phone needs to be debloated to run perfectly smooth. It’s not about CPU power, RAM or touchwiz, its purely the bloatware.

    • Hoggles

      At least Android let’s you debloat it. There is a ton of preinstalled bloat Apple puts on, that can’t even be disabled.

  • Marko Tokic

    Finally some honesty. With reviews from big sites it is like deja-vu. Every year is the same. They have 3 phones in their pockets, they say that Galaxy SX is the best phone around and they go unto next review. But every year I start to hear from many people that their SX has started to lag after couple of months.
    Imagine recommending 700 euro phone to someone and saying “I know that you will use that phone for 2years, but after 4 months it will be annoyingly laggy, and 40% cheaper” :/

  • William Cochran

    Great article! As an Android user for years, I have owned almost every brand of phone. There were always shortcomings. Primarily, software bloat, crappy UI(Touchwiz comes to mind) and bad upgrade schedules of Android.
    I bought into the hype of this is the best phone! I finally broke down and got an iPhone 6s and have to say I really like it. It actually works! Camera is great at least in the areas I need. I do not take pictures in a pitch black room.
    The only gimmicks on it are ones I actually think add to the phone (3D touch and fingerprint security). This is the first phone I actually want to use for 2 or more years!
    Before you label me an Apple fanboy, I promise that I am not. I am a regular user who had to buy his phones. I have used Android since the Original Droid came on the market. I have owned various Samsumg, LG, and Moto phones through the years. I have probably run every mod there is and has been. I never thought of owning an iPhone until the 6s. I bought into all of the Android and spec hype.
    Thanks for having the cajones to speak truthfully about “The Next Big Thing”. Like you said, screw the specs, watch the actual side by side speed tests and see how the specs do in real world use. You use Gmail and YouTube every day, not Antutu and other “benchmarks”.
    Thanks for being an honest reporter!

    • Someone asdf

      With comments like “it actually works”, you’re going to get labeled a fanboy.

      You don’t get to 2b devices and stay there if it doesn’t work the vast majority of time lol

    • Prizm

      Android still feels a bit amateur and unrefined, even after all these years. And i can’t believe they still have that lame robot animation when updating firmware. Sheesh. Parts of it still feel like homebrew software. It’s like Google lets a bunch of nerds program android in a dark corner without proper direction.
      Anyway, as much as iOS feels more professional and more user friendly, it’s too damn limiting for me.

  • Flubby Nuts

    Great article. I have an s6 edge and can testify that it just looks good and photos are great. Nothing more. Got bored and the sim is happy again at my nexus 5

  • ScandaLeX

    Interesting article but the issues you describe are the same ones I’ve been having with my Note 5 so they’re definitely not specific to the S7 or S7 Edge.

    With the rise of reviewers needing to be 1st to post a review, it doesn’t surprise me any more that these reviews are popping up within hours of owning something new rather than days or weeks.

    • Grayson

      Yeah, the YouTube freezing on 1440p and some 1080p videos is either a YouTube app bug or Android Marshmallow bug that affects devices with Qualcomm processors because the Moto X Pure is having the same issue as well recently.

  • Jose A

    Great article. An article definite worth sharing.

  • Apostol Apostolov

    You got few valid points in between all the nerd hate. The chart from Idealo is very useful and helps keep my money where they belong (not in Samsung early adopter fund). The battery life is indeed not as good as needed to be, but they usually patch it up during the first year of software updates, same with S5 and S6. You’re guaranteed a n Android N update early 2017, so that’d be helpful as well. However it does make sense to buy S phones usually about the end of their life cycle.

    • Prizm

      If I had bought an S6 at the end of its life cycle (which I almost did), I would be kicking myself now, wishing I had waited a little longer for the S7.

  • Jeffrey Wilfong

    Thanks for the reality check. Coming from an S5, I’m looking forward to this jump in specs, but I’m definitely headed to the store to play with the edges before I put down the money.

    I’ve been seeing cheaper phones from manufacturers I’ve never heard of, and I’ve love to get one, but they all seem to be middle of the road phones – no ‘flagship’ quality ones. Any recommendations for Verizon-compatible?

    • Keith B Howard


  • hzd

    Funny you know what does not lagg, An LG or a Motorola or heaven forbid say these words in an article about a Galaxy device try a nexus 5 / 5x / 6 / 6P

  • Jimmy James

    Hello. I’ve gone from an LG V10 to a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge. There is no comparison in speed difference, especially with web page loading, or Twitter scrolling. The Edge blows it away, well, the Snapdragon 820 does. I don’t really play graphic intensive games, so I cannot comment. I am on T-Mobile and there is barely any bloat, which is always the case with T-Mobile phones. There’s about 5 Samsung apps and 6 T-Mobile apps and Facebook. That’s it. Touchwiz has a drop down menu on the notifications bar and a Flipboard screen that you can easily disable. Everything else is basic Android. The Edge is great for shortcuts to your favorite apps. So if you have an Samsung S6 Edge, maybe you don’t need to upgrade, but for me, I could instantly tell the huge performance difference over a Snapdragon 810 with 4 GBs of memory on the LG V10.

    • alexguitar

      That’s funny, I just went from a galaxy S6 to the LG V10 and I’m seeing a much smoother performance on the V10. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge both look like great devices, I just wasn’t feeling them after having used the S6. Samsung’s super aggressive RAM management and integration of Clean Master into their skin drove me nuts! Anyways I’m not trying to bash on you or your phone preference, just stating how everyone’s experiences can differ. Also the V10 has the Snapdragon 808, not the 810.

  • I can relate to the edges are annoying topic. I have the Edge 6 plus and ended up turning that feature off after grabbing the phone kept invoking things I did not intend.

  • Prizm

    Haha amusing review. I bought an S7 Edge, but i still couldn’t believe all the reviewers cumming in their pants over it. Like they were on Samsung’s payroll or something.
    I’m coming from an S3. I wanted a phone with the best camera, and the S7 is it.

    • thee Stan

      Nah, both the iPhone 6S Plus and Nexus 6P have superior cameras to the S7 Edge. Samsung’s new camera wasn’t any better than their old one, just different.

  • AlanKy

    Seems like this article spends way too much time bashing the bigger websites. I’m detecting a lot of jealousy.

  • michaelg68

    Well said…

  • Bruce Wayne

    *slow clap*

    Well said. So sick of the advertisement style reviews of today. They use a phone for a week and think that’s enough to make a solid objective review. Also sick of the diminishing actual storage sizes. The OS, bloatware and others shouldn’t be counted towards the advertised storage size. 32 GB should be 32 GB.

    • Derrick Miyao

      Appreciate the feedback.

    • Simone

      That makes no sense, you can delete everything and get a 32GB storage if you want, when you buy a pc they don’t say 500gb minus OS used space.

    • Kevam

      I just wanted to say that manufacturers of any kind of storage use 1GB as 1000MB and not 1024MB and 1 MB as 1000 KB and so on. That is why there is less storage on every hard drive, smartphone, and USB stick. So you should take that in consideration.

      • Bruce Wayne

        Interesting. Why don’t they use 1024?

        • Kevam

          Don’t know. Just to save money or make it easier to count storage? When you check the size of a folder it uses 1024 as unit. Everything uses 1024 as unit. Only manufacturing storages use 1000 as unit. Thats why we have around 14.6 GB on a 16 GB USB stick and around 29 GB on a 32 GB one. Same for hard drives, smartphones, MicroSD Cards and possibly every storage type.

  • xuniltoor

    Finally somebody that knows what they are talking about. Thanks for this article. I like to buy the latest and greatest because I can. Sammy didn’t get me on the s7 as I became more skeptical with the 6 and note 5 with the loss of sd card and removable battery as well as the slow software updates. As you say there is too much bloat in the software which is why I buy unlocked phones now. The average user needs more software optimization over heavy hardware upgrades. In the real world you will see little difference in the way these phones perform unless you just play games.

  • Chad Walter

    Terrible review! You complain about someone saying something without presenting facts and then continue to write an entire article talking about stuff but bringing no facts.

    Also bloatware has nothing to with the UI your Android is running. Touchwiz is just the Sammy UI, it doesn’t include bloat. Bloatware is installed by your carrier in most cases.

    • needa

      Someone doesn’t like hearing the truth.

      • M.bell

        The most dangerous liars are those who try and convince people to believe their lies as truth.

        • needa

          the most dangerous kids are those that cannot put their emotions and fanboyisms aside in order to see a different aspect of the story.

    • Derrick Miyao

      This wasn’t a review.

  • The Doctor

    “For crying out loud, at least give the phone three weeks before you give it a full review.”

    …writes scathing review about phone.

    *bangs head*

    • SachmoJoe

      It’s just nerd rage. Demanding two full days battery life? Which flagship is genuinely doing that? Nobody that’s who, because it’s genuinely not feasible with current tech. The writer just convinced himself this phone was his wet dream device, shelled out his hard earned, and is now butthurt for falling for the hype.

      • The Doctor

        The S6 active gave me two full days of moderate use.

        • SachmoJoe

          What kind of screen on time were you getting over the 2 days? If it wasn’t 8 hours plus I’d think that’s light usage rather than moderate.

  • JohnRightNow

    This review is spot on. I got an AT&T s7 edge on launch day and after one day of use I’ve noticed lag and other performance issues. I’m returning it today. Beauty is only skin deep.

  • Clay Nicolsen

    Excellent, excellent article, and clearly describes why I’m still on my S5. I’m a phone nut, but I’m a bit of a skeptic as well. Yes, brand new processors are a bit faster, but in normal use a normal user will never see the difference with respect to one or two generations back. Same with the camera. The S5 and S6 have awesome cameras, with far more capabilities than 99% of owners will ever use. Screen? We’re past the point where the human eye can discern significant differences between these mind-boggling screens.

    When the S6 came out I went to my industry sales guy, who is NOT a one-brand-fanboy and will tell me what he honestly believes, and asked him about the S6. He said “Samsung took the things that made the S5 one of the best phones ever and threw it all in the garbage.” I have a phone that can take an extra memory card, is waterproof, runs two full days EASY, has a world-class camera, and is fast and rock solid. And I’m getting Marshmallow next month.

    I’m itching for a reason to get something better than my S5. I’m still not seeing it.

  • Hoggles

    Lol…this….. “I don’t see any camera improvements in the day or the night”. Hahahaha

    This article is just a joke, right? Seems like Derrick was upset from the start and it clouded his entire piece.

    If you can’t see what every other reviewer has seen with the S7’s amazing low light performance (doesn’t matter if you own the phone or not)…. Then it’s 100% obvious you have some bizarre agenda or Samsung hatred. Even iPhone lovers see the low light difference. It’s literally night and day.

    I’m getting 8-9 hours of SOT. Even had a 9.25 SOT day. So Derrick….not good eh? lol

    • Derrick Miyao

      Mind posting a picture of that battery chart?

    • thee Stan

      1. You’re full of shit, you don’t get 8-9 hours SOT.
      2. The new camera is not that great. N6P still has the best camera overall.

      • Derrick Miyao

        It’s funny. I see many people claiming 9-10 of SoT but have yet to see any actual evidence of it. I get about 5 hours which is good, but it’s no where near 10 hours. The camera is great on the S7, but my main point was that it wasn’t a huge improvement over the last generation. Nor is it significantly better than other flagships like the 6P, iPhone 6S…

  • Nallaikumaran

    Oh look, a grossly exaggerated and highly misleading article about a Samsung product on a website paid for by Apple. What a shameless liar. Have you no shame? Not at all. Samsung hater. The Apple cowards campaign against Samsung (New S7). What a terrible article. The exaggeration in this post. Don’t try to think we are all dumb here. Thanks to the writer for showing us how dumb Apple supporters really are and how easily it is to fool them. Pls do not believe in reviews.This is not true. They try to hide the truth.

    Latest reviews – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the best smartphone in the world.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review (Five Star): theguardian

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review (Five Star): CNET.
    This is the highest smartphone score ever given on the CNET.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review (Five Star): Techradar
    This is the highest smartphone score ever given on the Techradar.

    The Verge scored the S7 Edge at 9.1 overall.
    This is the highest smartphone score ever given on the verge.

    S7 and S7 Edge- Best processor (“Thermal spreader” Water cooling technology to avoid the phones overheating), Best display, Best camera (Dual Pixels camera – A first in the smartphone world), Best battery life, Powerful Game Launcher and new Vulkan API. microSD or dual SIM model, Fast wireless charging, Water-resistant (IP68 rating). Samsung Pay (NFC + MST), Edge UX, VR (Free) and more. S7 and S7 Edge has the best in every single corner.

    • xuniltoor

      Somebody been drinkin too much sammy koolaid.

      • Nallaikumaran

        You’re drunk. still dancing.

    • Giorat23

      SAM$UNG CASHHH PAYROLL!!, almost 90% of the reviewers of these sites has an iPhone as daily driver.. Also the other day I saw Tmobile CEO… yes, he has an iPhone 6s Plus….

      • tommy

        Most people have iphone daily driver and a powerful android to do intensive things with. It is only the fanboys that waste time fighter which is better

  • Nallaikumaran

    Derrick Miyao What a shameless liar. Have you no shame? They’re dishonest shameless and ruthless business media. I think all this fake just a propaganda for apple.

    These are the TOP-10 Performance Smartphone Chips, As Rated by AnTuTu. Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 -No 1 (which is used in the Galaxy S7)

    Check out Geekbench 3, Samsung Galaxy S7 (Exynos variant CPU) beats Apple iPhone 6s –

    The Galaxy S7 destroys Apple iPhone 6s in speed test

    • thee Stan

      These benchmark scores are irrelevant. The phone still exhibits very noticeable lag. Samsung has the greatest hardware in the world, but their software engineers need to be fired. Both stock Android and iOS are far more fluid and stable than Touchwiz.

  • Nallaikumaran

    *hater gonna hate*, They sound just like BGR (Apple-biased). I am telling the truth. They try to hide the truth. he’s a liar, shameless liar. it’s confirmed. The Android guys is a Fraud site. it’s fake Android site.

    The exaggeration in this post. What’s the point here? iOS 9.3 on my iPhone 6 (64 GB) takes up over 9 GB. How is that ok for Apple but bad for Samsung? Check out other Android phones (bloatware). if you are on the take to make one company look bad all the time just come out and say instead of wasting people’s time with these garbage article.

    Everybody complaining about the 32GB storage of the galaxy s7 while Apple still keeps offering 16GB WITHOUT the option to expand the storage… As long as the bloatware is removable, You can still move apps to the SD card you’ll end up buying. Just go to storage Settings, and you’ll be able to change the storage location of apps and move them to the SD card.

    This is the usual big title followed by a miss informing article.

    As the article goes you will think that Samsung is throwing out GB and GB of stuff to you, cause of Touchwiz, but what about the available storage on a 32GB nexus 6P?. On a 32GB nexus 6P, so stock rom, you have exactly around 25 free GB of storage.

    On a Samsung S7 you have 8GB of used storage out of the box, so a 32GB S7 has 24 available GB of storage, basically around a 1GB difference. Then you put an image of the phone only having 16GB of available storage, misleading the reader.

    But Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge System Uses Up 7GB.


    • KAY

      I agree that this reviewer is talking complete bullshit. I have a Samsung galaxy s7 edge and it run’s perfectly, takes brilliant photo’s etc and i’ve had it for over 4 month’s so either this guy is a Samsung hater or on Apple’s payroll. Please people don’t beleive this rubbish.

  • Nallaikumaran

    They sound just like BGR (Apple-biased). I am telling the truth. They try to hide the truth. he’s a liar, shameless liar. it’s confirmed. The Android guys is a Fraud site. it’s a fake Android site.

  • needa

    Thank you for the write-up. I wish everyone was this honest when they are writing reviews. I often wait and watch podcasts and such before I make a decision on a phone. Because only after they have had them for a while, and set them down to move onto the next…do you really get the honest answers from the sites you are talking about. Only then do they give the real opinions. Kinda like Jeremy Clarkson and top gear. He will talk about how nice a car is… Then the next season he will talk about how much of a POS the car was. Case in point…the Corvette salt flats.

  • M.bell

    The most dangerous liars are those who try and convince people to believe their lies as truth. I hate liars. I am upgrading from a 6S Plus to the S7 Edge. The Edge really is stunning. nice phone.

  • lu99ke

    You have really left yourself open for pot shots.

    You decry other reviewers to “bring proof” re improvements of touchwiz, camera, battery, speed…

    Any credible review I have read ( ie on sites like android central or Android authority) include specifics about all these things….. Loads of example photos….. Benchmark scores….. Specifics usage details for battery life…..

    Interesting that you make comments about all of these things and you harpoon other sites for not doing it… But I don’t see any of those things on your review???

    In addition those sites will generally do direct comparison pieces gainst either competing phones or older generation of same phone to give a good vs view.

    And at the end of the day, they don’t ever TELL people to go and buy a phone… They make recommendations and that’s it. Decisions are always a personal thing.

    Maybe if you spent more word count on reviewing the phone itself and less on trying to hammer other sites, you may be able to write something semi-informative.

    • Derrick Miyao

      This wasn’t a review in the least. I wouldn’t write a review in the same article where I’m calling out others for not giving the phone a real life testing.

      • lu99ke

        Fair call.

    • KAY

      Agree, this guy is full of jealosy and hate. Samsung galaxy s7 is one of the best phone’s you can buy.

  • Planoman

    Saw this article referenced on my primary android site Android Central today. I have no issues with what you wrote. I have already pledged not to buy carrier phones so waiting on the next nexus. Agree the hype over the S7/Edge are over the top. If Samsung made unlocked carrier free phones, I might be interested but as for the carrier controlled, bloated up and slow updated, no thanks! As someone who who has never made payments on phone and had several, I can say that the S7 is not worth $800 to me.

    • needa

      same. no phone is worth that kind of money to me when you consider the plethora of $300-$500 options.

  • Matthew Wester

    For my lady and I, we picked up the tmo bogo with the VR and Netflix promo for year. After that, it is more like $400 a piece. Not a bad buy at that price point.

  • seattle tech

    Good rant. I have a note 5 international and a s7 edge t-mobile. Some of your points are spot on. Alot more accidental touches, performance is close. Battery life tweaked gets about 1 hour more. Camera daylight loses the crown because it’s not as sharp.

  • Dallas brown

    By far the worst phone ever. I have apps black out, the phone over heats to the point that I think it might blow up. The aux port is all turned to shit. When pairing it to my wife’s Honda it refuses to play music. Not to mention the lag in my Internet and service dropping for no reason. Not at all impressed with the camera! Should have stayed with the s6. Luckily I have T-Mobile with jump

  • Leorex

    I’m a die hard Android purist… Been on the Nexus line for years and own a 6P, which I still maintain is the best phone on the market… But I got a S7 for my wife, because it was the best solution for what she wants.

    I completely disagree with you on the camera. While I can take the better overall picture with my 6P, the S7 is a perfect camera for someone who needs something that will get the best shot possible without any fuss. If you can’t see the improvements over the S6, I’m not sure what you are seeing.

    But yes, Touchwiz is still hot garbage under the hood, but it’s so fast that most people can’t see it. But it’s still not as smooth and fluid as my 6P… But my wife won’t care since it’s quicker, has better battery performance and takes better pictures than her G4 (and, by definition the V10 AND the upcoming G5 for that matter)

    Then again, the S7 was a more reasonable $660 the edge is too big… I would have put her into a Nexus 5X, but I think the S7 limits the chance of her getting mad at me. Of course, I can get her out of the S7 in a hot minute of it becomes an issue… And a N5X will take it’s place (devil you know)

  • Bran

    Your price argument is valid. Based on your other points I’d question if you even had the S7 if I’m being honest.

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  • Tendai Kufa

    This was a a bashing of the s7 damn…the battery can push a whole day when and you dont even have to rush to put it on charge when you get home…ive had the phone for close to a month…

    • KAY

      Agree, this idiot reviewer is a Samsung hater, probably on Apple’s payroll.

  • Jheymz Laqui

    I just bought a new s7 edge and all of the problems he stated are true! I used my S5 way longer than my S7. My S7 is constantly freezing. Most of the time i need to restart my phone because pictures are not loading right away or only black screen. When i use my slow motion feature sometimes it only plays in a few seconds then my phone hangs or the rest of the recording are black. After a while it goes back to normal. And one time I’m not even touching my phone and just waving my finger on air and it still sensing it. To be honest I have not enjoyed my phone completely in one day. There is always a problem or to annoy the user.

  • Iain Fraser

    I just wanted to say, I got half way through reading your article then switched off my adblocker and reloaded the page. You got a new reader. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a smartphone that has lived up to the hype, or read a zero-day review that told me anything I couldn’t have read on the spec sheet. I’m in the market for two S7 Edges, but I’m holding off. I want to know what problems I’m going to face with it, what sucks about it. Yeah, I think accidentally activating things on the UI just by holding the phone would be a massive pain in the ass. That’s the stuff I want to hear about. Your comment about pricing really rings true; nothing is free. Your “free” Gear VR is factored into the price. That’s another reason I’m holding off. Good rant. Agree.

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  • Alon

    Best phone ever. Issues mostly fixes or I haven’t noticed. S7 edge on t-mobile. IPhone is junk.

    • KAY


  • Garret1976

    This article is completely bs. Never had any issues with the S7 Edge (exynos). It’s still very fast after months.
    Battery life compared to competition is very good if not the best.

    TW is very debloated. Mine is provider free so I have only some Samsung apps which I find very useful. 24gigs left and compared to Nexus 6p it’s only one gig more.

    Think reviewer had bad device.

  • Excellent comments. You saved me $800. I’ll phone shop in December.

  • Joseph

    I had the s7edge Samsung makes great phones but I went back to my 6s plus be haze Apple software is much more stable then Samsung and android also Apple keeps it re sell value and once u use iOS you’ll see the fluidity and it’ll hard to switch back to android I had a note 4 and switch tio iOS what a difference wow

  • KAY

    This guy is clearly talking out of his lying, hate filled arse. I ahve had the s7 for over 4 month’s and it run’s fine, battery last’s all day, no problem’s watching youtube etc. Please don’t listen to a guy who is obviously a hater and jealous of other reviewer’s. It’s just a damn shame that some people will actually beleive this guy’s bullshit and miss out on a fantastic phone. Hater’s are going to hate no matter what. What a sad pathetic joke this crappy review was and thank God we have proper reviewer’s who are not on Apple’s payroll. Stick to your other job mate as clearly you are useless at review’s. I hate liar’s.

  • David

    Great review. I just bought an S7 (not edge). As soon as I laid eyes on the edge I could tell it was a dud. I wouldn’t even call it sexy. The bevelled edges are a gimmick to look premium, and I could see it a mile off. What use do they have? it’s not like we have peripheral vision that extends around the edge of phones.

    Even the S7 has very slightly bevelled edges and I was finding that annoying until I bought a case that has a small lip around it to prevent me from accidentally bumping other apps.

    Re battery life, I am definitely not getting a day with a brand new S7. I’m at 73% now at 9.30am after 1.5 hours on here mostly just reading articles. Make that 72%!

  • Darthjr

    I wish I would have read this 4 months ago when I got my s7 edge. Thank God for T-Mobiles jump program. I totally agree with you 100%.

  • stevie_wander

    I have an iPhone 6S, an LG G4, an iPhone SE, and a Galaxy S7. I’ve tried every flagship phone and I always come back to my iPhone 6S as my daily driver. What surprised me about the S7 is how bad the speaker is while listening to YouTube videos! It’s pathetic compared to the iPhone’s, which is stellar! Also the camera’s low light videos are way more grainy than on the iPhone. And the critics say the S7 camera is better than the 6S’s? Don’t make me laugh!

    All I can surmise is that Samsung didn’t learn from it’s huge fine for paying people to build up Samsung products and are now paying all these “critics” who are giving the S7 stellar reviews. Sad.

  • Shawna

    I had the Samsung Note4, after the two year it started to freeze up and reboot multiple times a day. I went in and bought the S7. In my opinion this is one of the worst mistakes I could have made. The popular additions my note had are missing from the 7, of course erhaps was on the note 7 (pocket explosive) but not on the S7. I hate it, then while waiting game for the case, (4 days) latter the all glass outer shell slipped from my hands and shattered the back of the phone and cracked the upper right and lower left of the front screen. Needless to say I am furious. In the four days prior to melt down, I had dealt with phone getting extremely hot, battery life of next to nothing and the complaints of callers not being able to hear me. Of course with nothing else comparable to Samsung or so my android heart thought, I am left without a choice. Was told when I purchased this one that Samsung was not coming out with the note8 and this would be all I have to take until fall of 2018. Well low and behold the instant I buy this POS, Samsung announces the possibility of a note8 in fall of 17. Smile! I think Samsung really blew it this time. I WANT MY NOTE BACK SAMSUNG, TAKE THIS POS BACK!