8 simple steps to disable the carrier bloatware on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

Did you happen to get the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge last week? If you got it and have an AT&T or Verizon version, your S7 and S7 edge came preinstalled with bloatware or crapware, as some call it. AT&T has installed so much of it on my S7 it actually angers me because I paid for 32GB and they’re wasting my space.

Although you cannot fully delete the apps from your device, you can disable them which will reset them to factory settings. Disabling those pesky apps will also prevent them from updating to useless versions.


(There is a way to fully remove them but you would need to root your phone and void your warranty)

For the sake of this instructional, I am going to explain how to disable the apps without rooting your device.

  1. Goto ‘Settings’
  2. Find the tab ‘Device’ and click on it
  3. At the bottom you will see a folder called ‘Applications” and click on it
  4. Next select ‘Application Manager’ – this will bring up your entire list of downloaded apps
  5. Select an app, like ‘AT&T Smart Limits’
  6. Click Disable
  7. At this point also turn off notifications to prevent it for asking for updates. Click where is says ‘Allow Notifications’ and turn them off.
  8. Repeat this process for all of the crapware you don’t want to see on your phone and you’re done

Here is the process in through images:

Once in settings, click on the device section
Once in settings, click on the device section



Click on Application Manager
Select an app you want to disable
Select an app you want to disable
Click Disable
Click Disable
Turn off Allow Notifications
Turn off Allow Notifications



  • Roy

    Samsung Updated Samsung Pay with a new UI.

  • technohead95

    As far as I’m concerned, people can buy their phone sim free or get it via a carrier. If you choose to buy via the carrier then you’ve got no justification to bitch about carrier bloatware. Stop your bitching and get the sim free version which has other advantages such as probably working out cheaper and getting quicker updates. It won’t do anything for the Samsung bloatware but at least it’s not bloatware on top of bloatware.

    • Megatom

      While I agree with you on this, you’ll have to show us where to purchase this magical carrier bloatware free phone. I’m unaware of Samsung offering the S7 carrier unlocked and without the carrier bloatware. Please, prove me wrong.

      • Don Stewart

        AT least in the US you are correct.

      • technohead95

        Yes I was going to say, I have heard in the US that this is difficult. In Europe (and particularly in the UK where I am from), buying a SIM free phone is very common and more and more people are buying their phones SIM free rather than through the carrier. They can then get the carrier tariff they want without a phone so overall it works out much cheaper and without all the carrier bloatware. If you are in the US and on a GSM network then you can look at getting your phone from abroad. A number of sites that have many SIM free phones that I’ve used before (most of which will ship internationally):

        If you are on a CDMA network then this gets more tricky because I don’t think anywhere in Europe uses this network so SIM free phones for CDMA might be harder to come by. I’m not even sure if CDMA works with SIMs. Don’t know enough about it.

      • technohead95

        Also, can’t you purchase the S7 and S7 Edge directly from the Samsung website SIM free? We can in the UK so I would have thought this was possible in the US too.

    • Drewzilla

      Cool story bro. How does that plan work on CDMA versions?

      (Clarification: I’m specifically bitching about the Verizon version. I wish I could buy a bloat-free version.)

    • BW

      Except that you can’t get the much better Snapdragon processor. All US models, except the G930U, have the Snapdragon and are sold through a carrier. The G930U is factory unlocked but has the Exynos 8890. The bitching is justified.

    • John

      Not everyone can afford to drop $650 on a phone all at once, and also pay for the data plan anyway. Also, a lot of the color options for the galaxy s7 are unavailable with the US unlocked version. I think it should be illegal to offer no way to remove pre-installed bloatware.

  • Brandon

    This is easier done in the app drawer now imo. Go to edit (in the drawer), then you can select and disable right from there. Also, I have a little over 9GB of system memory on a Verizon version, and I’m curious what the unlocked version is as well as a Nexus (I honestly have no idea on the Nexus, nobody ever talks about it).

  • jtw

    It’s odd that the Settings app has a tabbed view on certain S7’s, and the classic list layout on others with the grid of Quick Settings at the top…I wonder if it’s a carrier thing or do all US S7’s have it that way?

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  • Nra Instructor John Nenni

    They’re wrong .. this phone can be bought Sim Free from Best Buy … it comes unlocked even if you get it from AT&T or in my case Verizon … but yea there is a Sim Free version .. it’s harder on some phones, but not the S7 … the Samsung rep at a local Best Buy will be able to sell you a version when you enter the store …. PS: these also come with Dual SIM slots if you’ve got a reason for that … mine came with dual sim options although it had a Verizon sim in it ….. tip Always get the best deal for the phone, but then buy yourself right out of contract … I got the phone almost 400 off and 1 month later I’m out of my contract and back to Pre-Paid…. and whipe all that software out with a root