AT&T to help customers save on data usage with Stream Saver

The optional service goes in effect for standard plans and prepaid plans in 2017

AT&T on Friday announced a new feature for its subscribers which aims to help cut down on the amount of data consumed on its networks. Called Stream Saver, it lets users get more video consumption out of the 4G LTE data network.

In short, the feature takes video streams down from 720p, 1080p, and higher, and converts it to a “DVD quality” picture. This equates to roughly 480p video. Going this route not only lets AT&T subscribers stretch their data bucket further, it should also ease some of the carrier’s network burden, too.

You can still stream video in higher resolution, when available, whenever you choose. You control Stream Saver and can turn it off or back on for any qualified line at any time at myAT&T or Premier for business customers. There is no charge to disable or enable Stream Saver.

According to AT&T, both its tier-one service and GoPhone prepaid service will have the Stream Saver. At launch, the feature will be enabled by default;l AT&T will notify customers that it’s on and educate on how to turn it off. Opting out only has to be done one time and subscribers can manage it on a per-line basis. In other words, parents can leave it on for children who may be prone to chew through data yet turn it off for themselves.

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