Samsung can win the hearts of its Galaxy Note loyalists by bringing back the removable battery while giving us 6GB RAM, 256GB Memory and a 4K display

I wrote an editorial yesterday about how I am still using my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and it still hasn’t exploded. The commenters in that post have inspired me to follow it up with another editorial. I no longer feel alone as a Note loyalist.

Deep down, I have been a loyal Note fan since the Note 3. It’s the phone that truly converted me over from the Apple iPhone. I loved the Galaxy Note 3. So much so, that I probably would have married it if I could have. The Note 3 was the perfect phone for me because it had the best 5.7″ 1080p AMOLED display, best processor of the year, more memory with the microSD card, more RAM than all other phones, it was the only phone with a usable and functional stylus, it had an IR blaster, and it had a removable battery.

1-1There were many reviewers who complained about the plastic build and said it wasn’t good enough. Note fans on the other hand didn’t care about that. We actually liked the plastic build because it made the large phone lighter in weight, and it made it more durable than metal and glass phones.

Note loyalists are just different

We are a different breed. I know we might be a niche market, but the iPhone and Galaxy S series exist to please the masses.

Loyalists are deeply in love with the Note line, even with flaws, because it is the most utilitarian phone on the planet. While some companies like LG are trying to steal the show with the V10 and V20, true Note fans won’t make the switch. There are some who tried one Galaxy Note smartphone and made the switch and love their V series phones. But for people like me and the other hardcore users, no other phone will do.

Many of us loyalists consider the Note 4 the best Note ever. It was an evolution of the Note 3, with a higher resolution display, metal frame build, much improved camera, better processor, more RAM and memory and still maintained the removable battery with the microSD card slot.

12292014103136am_635_samsung_galaxy_note_4_slteWhen Samsung started to lose its way 

After the Note 4, Samsung almost abandoned us by taking away our removable battery and microSD card slot in favor of an all glass and metal build. Sure the phone was beautiful, probably the best looking of 2015, but it wasn’t the utilitarian device we had become so used to. In fact the glass simply made the phone heavier and more fragile. People who use their phones all day and night, don’t want fragile phones. We want phones that we can pull out of our pockets a hundred times a day without fear of breaking it. We also want to be able to swap out our batteries on the fly because waiting 15 minutes for a fast charge just isn’t good enough.

note5We’re the types who load up 30 hours of video, 40GB of TIDAL Hi-Res music, thousands of photos and endless documents on our phones. Let me reiterate, we are a niche crowd, but we are still massive enough to make a huge dent in Samsung’s bottom line.

We consider the Note series to be a race car while everything else is pedestrian. Without race cars we wouldn’t have the rear view mirror, disk brakes or push button starters. Without the Note we wouldn’t have large displays because Apple thought 3.5-4″ was the perfect size. Boy was it wrong.

The Galaxy Note series used to pave the way for all other phones. It was the champion of phones with gorgeous and large displays. While it wasn’t the first to have a 2k display, which almost every reviewer said was overkill at the time, it was the champion of QHD resolution. Now reviewers complain when a phone doesn’t have a 2k display. While the masses thought 2k was overkill, the Note fans loved it. It made our videos and photos pop on the gorgeous AMOLED screens which no one else was using too. Even though the display was large, QHD made small text much easier to read.

Instead of paving the way, the Note has become a follower. In the last Note 7, there was almost no feature that didn’t exist on another phone except for the S-Pen.


bwnjgeucaaacl13We love the S-Pen. It’s a stylus that is built right into the phone. We even know how to put it in the right way and not get it stuck. Only tech reviewers seem to have that problem.

I am a Medicinal Chemist by trade and I draw chemical structures with the S-Pen. It’s the only phone that allows me to draw structures with ease which makes a world of difference in my professional life.

I also love to use the S-Pen to take screen shots, take notes on it, and then save it or share it.

It’s not something we absolutely need every second of the day, but when we use it, the stylus offers a whole lot of functionality.

Samsung, it’s time to forget the masses and return to your roots

Let us loyalists champion the next Note. Not reviewers on YouTube or mass media tech sites that don’t have a clue about using your Note series. We will show off how cool the Note 8 is to our friends and family. If people still don’t care and have abandoned you forever, then so what? We already expect Samsung to charge us the most for a phone, and we don’t complain about the prices. When a phone has features that all others don’t, and it serves us, we will pay a premium just like we always have.

It’s time to give up the design experiment and reward the loyalists by returning to the roots that brought on success. Don’t give Note loyalists the same processor that is in the S8. Give them your ultra fast Exynos processor. Make 6GB of RAM standard because we need it for multitasking, games and videos.

Give us 256GB of memory and a microSD card slot. We all know external memory doesn’t perform the same as internal memory. Give us 4k resolution too. Many people will clamor just how useless it is, but we will find a way to make it useful. It will make our VR videos and games ultra clear which 2K simply does not do.

Charge us more for it if you need to. Bring back the little things like HDMI out, and the IR blaster. Continue to improve the S-Pen.

Lastly, give us the things that no one else is giving us. Samsung needs to be the innovator if it wants to resume its success. It’s what put Samsung on the map to begin with when Apple was king of the smartphone market.

I promise, we won’t make up stories about the phone.

  • Deli

    No. Just no. Note 7 was almost perfection with its specs. Do not go back

  • Dee Lynch

    I like what you wrote and agree mostly about the Note series, though I don’t think the Note 7 stepped back but it certainly could’ve given us more than what the S series had. I held out as long as I could with my Note 7 till I finally took my case off to clean it and “BAM!” dropped it and there went the screen…miss it sooo much!
    Samsung hasn’t lost me to any other Manufacturer because they’re the most innovative, just Sammy, be sure to come correct with the Note 8. 256GB might be pushing it, maybe 128GB and microSD slot for expandable storage, 6GB RAM…standard, 4K RES, Dammit bring back the IR blaster!, the rest is what new and improved the Note series ought to bring for 2017.

    • Ahmed

      I absolutely agree but you forgot front facing stereo speakers and a hi-fi dac.

  • Andy_in_Indy

    I would love to see the Note come back like that (but I prefer the flat display instead of edge). As for the 4K screen: I already have a use for that!

  • Joe G


  • justafew

    No on the 4k screen, in my opinion. Just going to be a bigger battery hog. While I like the ability to swap batteries, I don’t want to HAVE to do it.

  • David G

    Plastic build: Who needs premium materials on the phone’s back, when we all slap a case on anyhow?

    Give me expandable storage (because only *I* know how much I need), a removable battery (ditto), lots of RAM, and a big (at *least* 5.7″, but 6″ would be better) and gorgeous AMOLED screen. I’m looking for a worthy successor to my Galaxy Note 3, and I’ll go with the first manufacturer that delivers.

    • Wayne

      I feel the same way.

  • The Note 3 had the best feature set if any phone to this day because it had the IR Blaster. I grabbed a Tab 4 7.0 at the dame time as I bought a 32″ Samsung Smart HDTV as well because I planned to use it as a remote control, emailer and web surfer while watching TV, but only months after aggressively promoting the feature, Samsung abandoned all support for the IR Blaster. In fact, not until this year did any app support the 2014 SHDTV. 2013 and older or 2015 and newer. Thank God Peel remote supports it now.

    But that us the issue. Samsung abandoned us. Trick curved edges made a rotten writing surface and function was abandoned with the Note 7 for prettiness. It’s the reason I decided to return the Note 7. As an artist, I could not reliably use the whole screen edge to edge. A serious flaw, and introduced on the Note without giving consumers a choice between a flat screen and a gimmicky curved edge screen, on a platform that requires functionality.

    And why does a Galaxy S7 support a 2 TB storage capacity while the Note 7 only supports 256 GB?

    Samsung clearly did not take the platform seriously. I returned my Note 7 with some heartache, but nothing on the market compares. It was weeks before I finally ordered the Pixel XL and it is way short on features, but I want the camera.

    The Moto Z was a candidate, but no microSDCARD support AND no earphone jack that I use to swipe credit cards with.

    My Note 2 died right after preordering the Note 7 (as if Samsung got the order and zapped it dead on purpose), so I grabbed a Note 3. That IR Blaster is cool, love it now that the peel app works with my phone and TV.

    When I get the Pixel XL on the 19th, I will retire the Note 3 to the couch as a remote control.

    I was going to use it as my business phone, but I have come to realize I like the old Note platform too much because it is such an invaluable tool and I rely on it too much, so I won’t take any chances of ruining it at work.

    I purchased at least half a dozen cases for the Note 3, a screen glass, and I have a Qi charger receiver coming for it.

    I’ll just keep the Note 3 at home. Maybe I ‘ll replace the business phone, a Samsung Core Prime, with a Note 4 later. I won’t need the IR for business much. But I do wish they kept it, I really like it, which why the Note 3 stays at home. There is no other like it. Gotta protect.

    But Samsung let us all down. I wrote about it in a couple blogs, and

    I feel so let down by Samsung and no one stepped up for my business.

    The Note 5 was such crap. The 7 seemed like a return, but then fell short.

    So disappointing, its like not having a country.

    • Demetrius Lynch

      You and a couple others keep mentioning the Note 3 and skipped to the note 5…you guys really missed out in the Note 4! Definitely a great phone with all added features from the Note 3 improved upon. The Note 4 was the reason I skipped the Note 5 after taking everything away.

      • True, but the point is that once I have the now vaporware Google Pixel XL (128GB), I will retire my Note. It’s great that the Note 3 is still viable, but I can’t retire a Note 4 to being a remote control (without paying extra for the phone and still having to buy an IR Blaster to place in the headphone jack, which may or may not work).

        But you are right, if you need a good Note that doesn’t have to be a remote, the Note 4 is a good choice, because it does support Qi wireless charging with a receiving coil and the battery is replaceable and still available.

        If I need another Note and don’t require the IR Blaster, I will be getting a Note 4. But most likely, I will want another IR Blaster for the bedroom and opt for the Note 3. It is that cool.

  • cooldoods

    Hear, hear! I owned the original Galaxy Note and the Note 3. I skipped the Note 4 to hold out for the Note 5. However, the removal of the, erhm, removable battery and the microSD slot turned me off. Coupled with the removal of the IR blaster.

    I was one of the few who looked around for alternatives and went with the LG V10. Best decision under the circumstances. The V10 continues to serve me well, enough that I am skipping the V20 and holding out for what comes out next year. The V10 has an IR blaster, microSD support, removable battery, great camera, dual-SIM support (in my region), the fantastic SecondScreen, Knock Code, thinly-skinned launcher, and even has an FM radio which was removed from the original Galaxy Note. Oh, and their IR app is better than Samsung’s as it supported my cable TV box and also my WD TV Live.

    Perhaps if Samsung brings back all of the above in the next Note, equips it with the highest specs the Note series is supposed to have, and trims their UI customizations further, I would consider coming back. As for the S Pen, I find it useful for jotting down ideas as they come to me and for taking screenshots when the sweep gesture is not practical, but otherwise I don’t really find it a must-have.

  • Daina Marie

    I have the Note 4 Edge or Note Edge, whichever you prefer, and I considered moving on up to the Note 7. I LOVE the Edge panels on my phone. I love that there’s no chance after owning it for a year and a half, of it exploding, at least not too likely, but is the Note 7 really as ‘dangerous’ as the media claims or did Samsung get too threatening for some company/companies? I smell a rat. I’m sure there’s been some truth, but is it all reality or are loyal, diehard Sammy lovers being systematically scared off by the media? Anyway, I wish my Note Edge was waterproof, and had more RAM, and honestly it does get warm. But! It has an IR blaster, removable battery, expandable storage via SD card, the Edge panels have infinite possibilities! I especially love the pop-up windows, which are so much better and more exciting and useful! than just split-screen view. Frankly, this phone is amazing! I wish I could get a new version in Rose Gold, waterproof, IR blaster, removable battery and SIM/SD card, 6 gb instead of 2, (sorry I’m greedy because my phone does get warm and freezes up when too many apps open). I LOVE the S Pen, I can’t emphasize enough how much I do not want an S Pen-less phone!
    My 2 (+) cents as a die-hard Note lover! Especially the Note Edge, the most unique phone, in my humble opinion, that has ever existed, and I wish so much for the aforementioned upgrades! *Sighhhhhhh!*

    • I agree something is fishy. Since the official discontinuation of the Note 7, there haven’t been any other incidents, even though 1 million Note 7s are still being used

  • I agree, my 1st note was the Note 3, kept it for 2 years. I was ready to upgrade to the Note 5, but when I saw no sd card or removable battery, I had to say bye. I got a V10, which was a pretty good phone. Then, I gave Samsung another chance, with the Note 7, since they brought the SD card back. I finally took mines back, a week ago. I didn’t have any problems with the 1st or the replacement. Now, I’m regretting taking it back, I’ve been on the forums.

    People rooted them, disabled the auto-updates and are going right along with their business. In the end, I couldn’t justify keeping it for that price, with no support (no updates, no insurance coverage, etc.). If it was $400, I would have kept it, not for $800 though. I have a V20 now.

    I will still be waiting for the next Note, and I would love the return of the removable battery. Like you said, Note power users never cared about the plastic build. Durability and power are much more important.

  • Joe Green

    Been a Note boy since the original Note. Had every single phone until it was announced the Note 5 wouldn’t have an SD card or removable battery. That was it for me. I stuck with the Note 4 to see Sammies plans the following year, & it seriously got worse. They claimed removable batteries significantly lowered cpu speed & others, yet the Note 5 & 7 had such tiny incremental improvements that it wasnt worth giving up a phone with options & sheer speed, so, I got the V20 & its been the best made decision since the original Note purchase. It’s lightning fast & leaps & bounds faster and more stable than the Note5/7. I have the same feeling of exuberance with the V20 as I had in 2011.

  • Wayne

    I feel the same way about the non-Note Galaxy. I’m still on the S4 because the S5 wasn’t enough of an upgrade to change, and the S7 doesn’t have a removable battery.