Watch: The $55 AllCall Rio gets torture tested. See how it fares being thrown down eight stories (Promoted)

There have been a lot of crazy stunts on camera to sell cell phones. Normally you can tell when there’s some camera trickery or other nonsense to try and pull the wool over your eyes. But every once in a while we get to take a look at a phone doing incredible things like… smashing walnuts?


AllCall released a video today of the torture test it put its new phone, the AllCall Rio through. It includes smashing walnuts, hammering nails, burning the screen with a lighter, scratching it with a razor, and THROWING IT DOWN EIGHT STORIES AND RUNNING IT OVER. As a tech enthusiast, I’m not going to lie: it hurt to watch. But, it does prove the point that even though it was a dual-curved display, it is an incredibly tough phone. Take a look.

After the Samsung Galaxy S8 was recently named the most fragile phone ever, it’s hard to believe that a phone with close to the same design could stand up to that kind of abuse. Harder still to believe is that the Rio will only run you $54.99 during the presale.

If you want to get in on the pre-sale, head over to Banggood’s listing for the AllCall Rio and smash that purchase button. You can also enter to win a free AllCall Rio on AllCall’s site.

Me watching that torture test