The Bluboo S1 will come with an “anti-blue ray” screen protector at launch (Promoted)

If you’ve been paying attention recently, you’ll notice a trend amongst companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung. All of these companies are adding software tweaks into the software of their phones to reduce how much blue light waves can affect us. Blue light is blamed for eye strain, headaches, and restlessness when trying to fall asleep at night.

Bluboo, always one to implement the newest technology into its phones, has adopted this approach too, but it’s not doing it with software. Instead, Bluboo will include a Tempered Glass Screen Protector with the Bluboo S1 when you preorder that will reduce the blue light waves that make it to your eyes. This should help with the above-listed ailments.

Eight reasons you may want to consider the Bluboo S1

Now, the first thing that I thought of when I heard this was that I don’t want my phone to permanently have the blue light taken out of it. I do enjoy the blue light filter on my phone for night time, but I can turn it off if I want. With a screen protector that filters out, I was assuming that you were stuck with that effect. But, I was wrong. Bluboo states that the screen on the S1 will look normal, but still reduce the blue light. It’s released a video showing some examples of how it works.

You can still preorder the Bluboo S1 right now on Gearbest. There are some really awesome promotions going on like getting one of these tempered glass screen protectors for free or getting a nice pair of Bluetooth earbuds for only $10. Head over to Gearbest and check it out.