AllCall shows off user experience for its Rio smartphone (Promoted)

Hong Kong-based AllCall’s newest smartphone, the Rio, has recently starting catching the attention of consumers around the world. Indeed, it’s a departure from its previous generation of devices and employs the use of more premium materials.

Having been offered in a pre-sale for about two weeks, the AllCall Rio is now ready to roll for buyers. For those who aren’t familiar with their handsets, or user interface, we’ve got some details for you.

Design and appearance

AllCall has changed things up as compared to its last few products, this time starting with the 3D curved display. The smooth and seamless edges break nicely right into the edge of the frame, making for an easy-to-hold experience. The Rio is designed with cutting-edge technologies such as CNC and nano-injection.

Screen Technology

In order to provide an elegant appearance, AllCall has a curved screen with excellent protection and attention. Thanks to the 1.88mm glass protector cover, it makes for a thickness that’s twice that of general displays. But, before that’s applied, the Rio goes through 400 hours of 400 Celsius steel processing; the Moh’s hardness is rated up to 8H, meaning it can take more than just moderate abuse.

Cameras and pictures

The AllCall Rio is equipped with a dual rear camera setup based around an 8-megapixel sensor. Around front, of course, we find a selfie camera. AllCall promises “exquisite clarity and vivid, natural colors with every shot”, as evidenced by the samples below.

Android 7.0

Built on Android 7.0 Nougat, the phone offers users features such as split screen (run multiple apps at a time), notification direct replies, bundled notifications, and more. It’s among the most recent release on the market and helps protect users with the most recent security patches.


The AllCall Rio offers up a 2,700mAh Polymer battery which claims to offer three days of standby or 16 hours of calling and six hours of video and games. Thanks, in part, to Android 7.0, batteries last longer than before when it comes to smartphones.

This is but a brief overview of the AllCall Rio; more detailed specifications and information can be found at AllCall’s website.

Note to the US readers: As great as the phone sounds at its $70 price tag, keep in mind that the carrier support is not what you might expect. Moreover, it’s a 3G handset which means data connection and speeds are not on par with what you may see elsewhere.