Oukitel K10000 debuts with massive, 10,000mAh battery (Promoted Deals)

Bigger batteries are slowly, but hopefully surely, coming into vogue. Companies are beginning to see that a slim, powerful package is nothing without a battery that can handle a full day’s use. Oukitel has taken that sentiment and run with it, cramming a 10,000mAh battery into a rugged, IP68 frame. Details on the internal specifications are scarce at the moment, but we have been given a look at the impressive battery power of the K10000 in the video above.

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If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, here’s the skinny – in three hours of mixed use operation (including online gaming, video recording, voice calls, downloads, music and video) at maximum brightness and volume, the battery barely took a hit, down to 95%. The worldwide presale of the K10000 begins on September 12, but if you subscribe to Oukitel’s updates before then, you’ll get a coupon code good for $50 off the phone, bringing it down to a very affordable $200.

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