LG prices V30 lower than Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in hopes of attracting buyers

LG wants to make you forget about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 launching just weeks apart, the two handsets will compete head-to-head to win the crown of the smartphone market this season.

But will LG be able to sway customers from buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the upcoming iPhone X for that matter? The company certainly believes so.

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According to industry sources who have talked to The Korean Herald, LG has decided to price the V30 under the 1 million won in its home country, South Korea. In contrast, Samsung is asking for 1,090,000 won (approx. $964) for the 64GB model of the Galaxy Note 8, while the 256GB version will take customers back with 1,250,00 won (approx. $1,105).

The LG V30’s price tag, however, won’t surpass the psychologically heavy 1,000,000-won threshold. LG will price the 128GB version of the V30 at 998,000 won (approx. $882), while the 64GB model will be available for 949,300 won (approx. $840) a pop. Thus the price of the new LG flagship will be approximately 10% lower than Samsung, Apple phones (iPhone X expected to retail for $1,000+).

Pricing its products more affordable than the competition isn’t a new strategy for LG. The company did the same with the previous G6 flagship which was positioned as a more affordable alternative to the Galaxy S8/S8+.

In the US, the LG V30 will most likely retail for a full price of $749, which is again more affordable than the $929.99+ Samsung is asking for.

It remains to be seen whether LG’s competitive pricing strategy will yield positive results or not. But with the LG V30 being a promising device, the product does stand a good chance of grabbing the attention of high-end customers.

In our First Impressions piece, we found the LG V30 to be “a fast, beautiful, powerhouse of a phone that fixed the few faults of the LG G6. It’s going to be a contender for phone of the year unless Google really blows our socks off with the Pixel 2.” So it’s definitely a smartphone worth checking out.