Icon packs in Android are one of the most easiest and the quickest ways of giving a unique look to your Android smartphone. Most of them are free and you do not need any special permission or additional knowledge to customize your device using icon packs.

The only prerequisite is that you have to install a 3rd party Android launcher that supports icon packs and you are good to go. However, there are thousands of icons packs currently available for download in the Google Play Store and a lot of new ones are being added every day.

So it might be difficult for you to pick something you love from the sea of options. Therefore to save your time, we have put together a list of five icon packs for Android with all shapes and designs. There might be an icon pack in this list which would go with the taste of the majority of Android users who love to customize their device and give it a unique and a fresh look.

Articon Icon Pack

Android icon packs

The first icon pack to make this list is Articon which is currently in the preview state but it is stable enough to be used with your favourite Android launcher. Articon is compatible with over 27 popular Android launchers out there including Nova, Action, ADW and Go Launcher.

The icon pack comes with over 1489 custom icons each one of them hand drawn to look like a comical sketch. It also comes with an alternate colour and design for popular apps like the system and the social messaging apps. The app also comes with a set of 8 wallpapers which go really well with the quirky and artistic icons.

Download Articon Icon Pack

Cygnus Dark Icon Pack

Android icon packs

Cygnus Dark icon pack comes with over 800+ HD icons which are designed with keeping the material design guidelines of Google in mind. The icons are given a flavour of black to get a feel of richness in their look and they really go well against a bright wallpaper.

If you are a fan of material design and love dark themes in apps and in general, then Cygnus Dark icon pack might be your next favourite icon pack. However, it has been a while since the app was updated, so it might not have supported icons for apps or games that are most recently released.

Download Cygnus Dark Icon Pack

Earth Icon Pack

Android icon packs

This is one of the most unique and innovative icon packs in this list. Earth icon pack has a different way of customizing your phone and instead of adopting the traditional material design, it has gone with portraying a unique location as a background of the icons.

As the name suggests, all the icons in the Earth icon pack has some location on the earth as a background. Be it a building, a landscape or famous monuments, the designers have covered it all and it truly gives a fresh look to your device. Almost all the icons are covered in this icon pack and they are all given a circular shape to maintain a consistent look.

Download Earth Icon Pack

Fresy Icon Pack

Android icon packs

Fresy icon pack is the youngest in the list and it was uploaded to the Google Play Store just last week. But, it has every reason to be on this list as it has some of the coolest looking icons in an icon pack. The developers of these app have adopted a gradient design language and have used it every app icon.

You cannot spot any huge difference in the design of the icons of Fresy icon packs but the colour gradient used in them has given a vibrant feel and since all the icons are of the same circular shape, the consistency in the gradient level is well noticeable. There are over 600 Full HD icons and 11 HD wallpapers that come with this icon pack.

Download Fresy Icon Pack

Lemon Icon Pack

Android icon packs

Lemon Icon pack is currently in the development stage and the final build has not been released yet. So, it has only a few 100 HD icons as of now with the support to over 20+ popular Android launchers. But the reason to include this icon pack in this list is its awesome inclusion of icons for the home screen dock.

Android icon packs

Some of the icons have borrowed logos of popular movie franchises and games which include Deadpool, Spiderman, and Pokemon GO. Icons also come with famous reactions from Facebook like Wow, laugh, angry, love and like. So, if you wish to try a new look by replacing the classic app icons with some cool movie and game logos, then you will definitely like the Lemon icon pack.

Download Lemon Icon Pack

So, which of these icon packs do you like? Would you use any of these to customize your Android phone? Let us know in the comments below!