Neva Tech Qi wireless charging pad: green charging at an affordable price

Wireless charging is not coveted by everyone, particularly because some view the term “wireless charging” to be a misnomer in light of the product.

While wireless charging doesn’t let you lose the wire completely, it lets the wireless charging pad absorb the electric shock instead of your phone. This “green charging” isn’t as fast as say, fast USB Type-C charging, but the battery benefit outweighs the charging time.

Today’s Deal of the Day allows you to charge your smartphone in a healthy way. The item for sale is the Neva Tech Qi wireless charger, and it is compatible with Qi-compatible smartphones such as Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (yes, the iPhone 8 supports wireless charging). This is the same Neva Tech behind the 360-degree camera attachment for Android users.

It takes the traditional approach to wireless charging by including a pad on which you can place your smartphone instead of a charging stand that forces you to stand your phone up. And this Qi wireless charger is only $10.99, 50% off the original $21.99 price. It’s cheaper than the most recent wireless charging stand we’ve encountered.

The Neva Tech Qi wireless charger comes in a unique form factor, with a more square design with rounded corners, as opposed to a circular charging pad like you’d find with Samsung’s Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible or one of the Korean giant’s earlier fast wireless charging pads. The square design allows you to worry less about how to place your phone on the pad, giving you more freedom to just “sit it and forget it” when you need to juice up for a while.

The result of the wireless pad serving as mediator between the outlet and your phone is that your phone doesn’t get the electric shock from the outlet, thus maintaining the overall battery life of your smartphone.

The Neva Tech Qi wireless charging pad comes with a micro-USB cable and Fast Charge 2A Wall Charger to let you charge the pad in the wall while letting you go cord-free with your smartphone. Keep in mind that it’s better to shock the charging pad than it is to shock your phone.

Conditioning your phone is akin to athlete conditioning: if you don’t eat “greens” as part of your diet, you don’t stay strong. If your phone doesn’t “green” charge, it doesn’t stay healthy.

Head on over to the Qi wireless charging link above and prepare to recycle your wall charger.