Tips to free up your smartphone space

Most likely you have found different ways to clear up your phone’s space. If you’ve owned a handset for awhile, you likely have some best practices. But, maybe there’s something else to learn. We might have a trick or to to help. Whether it is a microSD card or the built-in storage of your phone we are going to discuss ways to get you more space on a phone.

Make sure to clear the cache

Sometimes downloaded apps contain extra files to be supported to run the apps, or any activity you do with the apps. These activities are stored for your convenience to save the files for future usability.

If those activities, which are saved in the cache, are not important for you, then clearing cache will give you some space. To clear it up on most Android phones, go to the settings, then “application” and “application manager.” When you tap any app there, you will see the button “clear.” Tap that button to clear the cache. Each phone is a little different but you’ll find the option to clear cache when drilling down into apps.

Nobody necessarily wants to clear up all of the cached data of all apps as there are often vital things inside. Plus, because they’re cached, they work quicker and respond faster. But, this is a way to help if you download big files on your phone. Sometimes we have apps we don’t use very often — or have not in quite some time.

To clear up additional cache go to settings, then storage and tap “cached data,” this button will delete all caches of all apps. As indicated above, you might have a different set of menus or order, but storage is a great place to start when looking for space to clear up.

Unnecessary Downloads

There are bunch of files in your download folder, many of them being things that you don’t use or are no longer in use. Go ahead, take a look. These files can be removed, and this gets you more space.

Go to your downloads or files folder and look for a place where your device downloads files by default. Often you’ll get a list of downloads with their respective dates. Find those which are not in use and delete them one by one. Or, if you’re adventurous enough, blow them all out.

Move Apps to microSD

Ever attempt to download an app from the Google Play Store only to receive a message that says you don’t have enough space? Do you have to delete the apps or games to allow for downloading the new one? No! This is an annoying moment, but not one you can’t overcome.

To solve this issue, find those apps which are already in your device’s local storage. For most phones, go to Settings>App Manager or something similar.

If those apps are in device storage, chances are good that you can move them to a microSD card (if the device has one). Keep in mind that some apps can’t be transferred to memory card as some require built-in supported local files.

Remove the Apps

If you have tried all of these other ways and still want more space, you may need to imply start removing some apps. No doubt you’ve got one or two (maybe several) applications on your device that you don’t use.

To find out which applications are using up space, go to Settings and tap Storage > Applications. Here you will see a long list of applications which can be sorted by size — the biggest applications will be at the top of this list. Tap the uninstall button to remove the app you don’t intend to use any longer.

The web browser is another important are which can be used to optimize space or remove history and caches. Let’s say you are running your own website on Chrome or the phone’s default browser. You want to make sure it has enough space to run things smoothly. While you can keep everything on your phone and run the risk of slowing down or eating up space, you might also want to consider moving things to the cloud or a host.  Pickaweb web hosting is one that can get you better packages for hosting to make your website run smoothly, especially in a mobile-friendly perspective.

There are a lot of ways to optimize your phone or tablet’s storage space. Even devices that are a few year’s old can feel like new if and when trying a couple of these tips. Don’t forget, you can often purchase larger capacity storage cards, too. Maybe that 4GB card you got a couple of years back should be swapped out for a 16GB one.