The first thing you should do with your new Android device

We have all been there – you pick up your nice new shiny Android device and jump straight into the Google Play Store and download your favorite apps but WAIT! There’s something you should do even before that.

Find my Device isn’t enabled out of the box, but will be a lifesaver if you ever misplace your Android device as it allows you to track its last known location. You’ll need to download the app from the Play Store if it’s not preinstalled but it’s pretty simple to set up.

Simply sign in with your Google account and your device will be linked to your account. The service uses a combination of WiFi and GPS to pinpoint the device location and provide a record on-demand of where it was last seen – super useful for if it goes missing.

Tracking your device is just as simple – head over to here where you’ll see a map of your device(s) last known location. You’ll also be able to make the device ring loudly from here, which is super helpful for when I lose my phone!

There may be times when the phone is simply out of cellular or WiFi service and you want to protect your data. For this, you can issue a remote wipe command and even if the device is offline, it will automatically delete all your data and wipe the device next time it gets a connection.

As you can see, Find my Device is incredibly important to protect your new Android device and is the first thing you need to make sure you activate on your brand new device. So be sure to go ahead and switch it on now if you haven’t already and you can thank us later.