The best apps to assist with casino gambling (Promoted)

Sick of your game plan? Stop fidgeting for your next move and keep track of how your game works! The hunt for the best apps to level up your casino gambling is over. Listed below are some of the most exceptional apps that will help you master card counting techniques, poker odds calculation, blackjack card counting and more. These kind of apps can be used at an online casino like Casumo, which incidentally has its own iOS and Android app too. Turn the tables and learn all the methods you need to apply in a game. These apps will enlighten you take control of your actions by unleashing exceptional strategies.

Not only will these save you from worrying, these will also help you gain prosperous fortune. It’s about time to be confident and be the master of your own game!

Blackjack Card Counting

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Master your card counting skills with this intuitive app that is closely designed to perfection. Its realistic graphics trains you to precisely count cards and recognize them along with their assigned value. It utilizes an effective counting strategy known as the Hi-Lo strategy, which enables you to know the pack’s current count. However, you can also have a wide selection of additional strategies like REKO, Zen Count and more once you become an advanced player. Learning new blackjack strategies is extremely accessible as the app offers a clear explanation ideal to all beginners. You can draw cards using a simple swipe and switch effortlessly between single and dual card display.

Poker Calculator

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Calculating your winning probabilities has never been easier with the help of this free Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator. It’s guaranteed that your results will be in hundred percent accuracy and full speed as it calculates all possible combinations when computing probabilities. It features a speedy poker engine and works exactly as promised. Also, it prevents selection of the same cards twice and can compute odds for limitless number of players. Besides, its minimalistic interface will further give you a clear understanding of your poker odds. Poker Calculator is a simple and fluid app that has been of great help to many players since its release.

Card Counter

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This is among the best Blackjack card counting apps available in the market that steps your basic learning into another level. It provides a quick and easy learning of card counting techniques at the same time gives you an exciting amusement as the level of difficulty increases. You can practice anytime you like and study the techniques of card counting to boost up your winnings. Obviously, it’s forbidden to use any device while at Blackjack tables so you can study this app for as long as possible just outside your playtime. As a player, you can choose among Hi-Lo, Kiss III, Silver Fox and more or even add your own counting system.

What’s The Nuts

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Advanced Poker Training, considered as the number 1 excellent poker training site, boasts of its equally brilliant “What’s the Nuts?” app. This is integrated for game players in helping advance their speed and accuracy when assessing their nuts. It features an “Elimination Quads” that excludes the quads from being the correct answers along with a “Progressive” mode which lets you begin with a flop and later deal the river cards and the turn sequentially. Fast-paced and stimulating, this game presents to you a set of board cards then asks you to choose 2 hole cards that you believe would give you “the nuts.” Rest assured your critical thinking will speed up in a blasting force.

Blackjack Strategy Practice

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Transform your casino edge by learning all the strategies offered in this mind-blowing app. Several reviews have added to how incredible Blackjack Strategy Practice is and the notable changes they have witnessed since using this app. Black Strategy Practice App is a no-nonsense app that enables you to learn from the very basic blackjack strategy to the standard one. You, the player, will be shown with the first deal where you will select the correct play, instead of playing full hand. From this, you will move on to the next hand. Moreover, it will help you take note of your weakest hands and practice on how you can work on them. You can select number of blackjack payout, decks dealer hit/stand of 17 and more. Another optimal thing about this app is that it offers crisp and detailed stats as well as gives you an accurate tracking of your accuracy. It will give you room for improvements by helping you correct all of your flaws at the same time giving you a smart avenue for entertainment. Overall, this app falls in the superior category that’s definitely worth the cash. Bets on, the next time you’ll play Blackjack, the odds will be with you.

Aw Craps!

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A realistic and engaging casino game – “Aw Craps!” doesn’t need much introduction. It has been included in 2009’s Best Casino Game Honorable Mention and has been trusted by various players up to this date. One reason why this app is a great tool in assisting your casino gaming lies in its realistic design that simulates a real casino craps table. Playing this gives you a powerful channel to practice your skills and feel the real-life casino action. Its practical features include lifelike “Stick Calls,” a full table 3D dice rolling and more. Bet and collect your winnings as if you’re inside the vibrant buzz of the casino while unconsciously increasing your learning.

Poker Cruncher – Advanced – Poker Odds Calculator

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This is a must-have application for all poker players looking for “an advanced professional-level hand ranges and flop texture analysis.” PokerCruncher is even way more powerful than the features of PokerStove application, which provides a user-friendly and clean interface. It features range equity, breakdown heat maps as well as impressive hand combo stats. Besides, it also provides what-if and test scenarios, and a modern UI theme. By trusting the Poker Odds Calculator’ precise analysis, you can improve your game results and advance your gaming to the next level. There’s no way you could go wrong once you start using PokerCruncher.