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The CardNinja replaces your wallet with your phone (Review)

Our smartphones seem to be slowly and surely replacing our wallets, and with tap-to-pay options like Android Pay becoming more widely used and accepted, carrying a wallet around is becoming

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Cricket slashes Galaxy S model prices in half for limited time

  Cricket Wireless, a prepaid service provider which operates on AT&T’s network, is halving the price of three Samsung phones. As part of a Cyber Monday promotion, Cricket will cut

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[Deal] Save an extra 15% on all VPN services and subscriptions

Gobble Gobble. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. There’s not much going on today, but tonight is where the fun begins for those shoppers out there. While there are deals


Quickly charge your devices on the go with iClever Dual USB Car Charger (review)

As a pest control technician, I have to drive everywhere, so car chargers are very important for me. With The iClever Dual USB Car Charger, I can now quickly charge


Quickly charge all your devices with the iClever 4-port USB Rapid Desktop Charger (review)

As our demand for wireless technology increases, so does our need to charge our new devices. With the iClever 4 port USB desktop charger, you can now easily, and quickly,


Kickass deals on accessories in prep for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

In the hunt for some new accessories? We’ve got some fantastic deals, promotions, and coupon codes to share with you in sight of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Let’s get to

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Verizon introduces a host of simple prepaid plans

Verizon has again been adjusting prices for their prepaid service plans. You can now choose from one of their five new prepaid plans and have no commitments to an annual

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OPPO introduces near-stock Android experience for select devices

ColorOS is OPPO’s flavor of Android and to say the least it’s rather heavy and much like other Chinese OEM versions of Android it takes a lot of its design

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PushBullet introduces paid Pro service, removes some free features

Popular Android app PushBullet is going pro. If you haven’t been introduced to PushBullet yet, you’re missing out. With PushBullet you’re able to push files, links and messages back and

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Cyanogen to power $75 devices and a possible flagship in 2016

The company behind the uber-popular Android custom software-maker, CyanogenMod, posted a tweet from their presentation at Big Android BBQ Amsterdam…

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How To: Customize your Facebook news feed preferences on Android

As some of you know, a recent update to the Facebook application for Android now gives users more control over their Facebook respective timelines. Specifically, Facebook allows the user to handpick

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Kickass deals on smartphones, accessories, and more (November 10)

In the hunt for some new accessories for your smartphone? We’ve got some incredible promotions, deals, and coupon codes to share with you. Moreover, we’ve also got some great bargains

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Gmail introduces Smart Reply in Inbox

With so many email addresses, quick accessibility and less dependency on actual phone calls, email is sometimes the most preferred method of communication. This can lead to an abundance of email

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Asus reveals unlocked 5.5-inch ZenFone 2 Laser; prices start at $200

Asus on Monday introduced its next Android smartphone, the ZenFone 2 Laser. Available immediately, the handset is unlocked and can worth with a variety of US-based LTE bands. Although the ZenFone

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Health o meter nuyu announces the availability of the new Sleep System

According to and, temperature is a major factor in putting and keeping you asleep. Up to 60% of Americans experience sleep issues that effect their mood, relationships, work