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Android’s file sharing Nearby Share is now live

Google's Nearby Share gives consumers a great option to quickly share links, photos, contacts, and documents with Android users instantly

LDPlayer – Android Emulator for Windows PC and Laptop

Optimizing an Android game for PC is quite hard. There are tons of Android emulators present on the internet that allow players to play...

How to block in-app ads on your Android phone without root or special apps

This guide will teach you how to block in-app ads on your android phone without root or using a third-party app on your smartphone.
Emoji Collage

117 new emoji coming to Android 11 in the fall

Friday was World Emoji Day, and in honor of that, Google announced many new emoji designs they are bringing to Android 11 in the...

My Android phone as a car key? Yes please!

As we move towards a world where the smartphone is our hub to our life, the car seems inevitable to be the next legacy tech to be absorbed by mobile.

Hoverwatch keylogger for Android

A keylogger Android application is basically any software or program that allows you to monitor or watch the keystrokes of someone else by recording...

Check out this Android charging cable super pack, just $16

If it's time for new charging cables, consider the Android Charging Cable Super Pack - four pack of microUSB cables in 3ft., 6ft., and 10ft. lengths.
Android TV

Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV released

The Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV was released, along with instructions from Google on how to get started with bringing apps up to date.

Panasonic announces TOUGHBOOK A3 Android Tablet

Panasonic has been working on their TOUGHBOOK line since 2011, wanting to bring enterprise-grade Android solutions to the market.Today, Panasonic announced their newest addition...

Chromebooks and Android tablets among Acer’s spring 2020 portfolio

Acer has announced a number of new devices at its Global Press Conference, including rugged notebooks and tablets, Chromebooks, notebooks, and more.
Android 11

Android 11 Beta now available

Last month, Google announced that they would be moving back the Android 11 Development timeline due to the events in the global environment, stating...

How to pair a DualShock 4 controller to your Android smartphone

If you're looking to get more milage out of your mobile gaming experience, bring a DualShock 4 controller into the formula with a few simple steps.

Google enables bedtime tools for Android to help you sleep better

Google has introduced some new bedtime tools to help Android users achieve better sleep with the help of their Android devices and some new apps!

This endoscopic Android camera sees into hard-to-reach places

Want to figure out what's clogging a drain or peer inside a tight space? This 2-meter long, waterproof boroscope camera goes where you cannot.

Best stock market apps for Android and iOS

The stock market is a huge and dynamic place, and so is the data that comes out of it on a daily basis. Analyzing...