Check out dbrand’s Galaxy S6 and One M9 skins including wood and leather


New reviews, carrier pricing and pre-order dates are all the hype today as we get closer to HTC and Samsung’s new phones. Feeling a bit crafty? Check out dbrand’s upcoming skins for the Galaxy S6 and One M9, which include 5 different colors, mahogany wood, white or black leather, ...

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Nyrius Smart Outlet review: transforming the ordinary


“Unlock Your Home’s Potential” Currently being funded on Kickstarter, Nyrius Smart Outlet is a simple yet highly effective device that aims to turn your ordinary electronics and appliances into smart devices connected to your phone or tablet. It’s affordable at only $30, ...

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Tip: Clear your phone’s cache for more speed and storage


Something every Android owner should do that not everyone knows about is clearing your apps’ cache in your phone’s settings. An app’s cache is basically a temporary storage area for an application while it’s running. It can store things like temporary images downloaded ...

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Bold move: Cyanogen and Blu will launch CyanogenOS phone without Google services


In a world dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, there’s little room for another player to take control. There are those who fear that Google’s services will monopolize the mobile industry, and Cyanogen is one of them. Cyanogen is getting big. Really big. With ...

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Action Launcher updated to 3.3, brings live wallpaper API and custom gestures


Action Launcher 3 has received its 3.3 update, bringing a handful of new goodies. The launcher’s signature Quicktheme feature now supports live wallpapers, meaning your Google search bar, app drawer, folders and quickdrawer will change color will your live wallpaper app should the ...

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GET THIS LOOK: Moonshine 2.0


The team behind the Moonshine icon pack has pushed version 2.0 to the Play Store, adding a ton of new stuff. First thing to notice upon launching the Moonshine app is the new Material Design Dashboard. You will be presented with all of the free icons in one section, and to the left of that... ...

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Nyrius Smart Outlet turns non-smart electronics into smart ones

SS20-main1(white BG)

Smart home devices may be a rising trend nowadays, but it can be pretty expensive considering you need to replace most of the appliances you already have. Is there a solution to this? Kickstarter Nyrius believes so. The Nyrius Smart Outlet turns your non-smart electronics into fully connected ...

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Top pros and cons of the HTC One M9


HTC has recently announced it will bring it’s new One M9 smartphone to the masses on April 10th after a slight delay due to software adjustments. This will be their third flagship smartphone in the ‘M’ series, and while they have improved upon a lot of things from their ...

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Samsung introduces Rich Accessory Collection for Galaxy S6 and edge


Samsung has announced today a group of accessories for their upcoming Galaxy S6 and S6 edge flagships phones, which they highlight “represents our commitment to uniting the worlds of fashion and technology.” They have partnered with multiple worldwide popular fashion brands such as ...

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Microsoft is building software to convert your Android phone to Windows 10


It’s official, Microsoft is indeed testing a ROM that can be flashed on Android phones to have Windows 10 instead. Microsoft is working with Xiaomi currently to allow Mi 4 users the chance to test Windows 10 on their phones, but doesn’t plan to stop their. A report from ...

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Grab the new Google Search v4.3 [APK download]


The latest update to Google Search isn’t a major one, but is most likely preparing for their open sourced Google Now cards update which allows developers to put their own content into Google Now from their apps. Other changes we did notice included tweaks for media playback cards, a new ...

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Pixel Mower review


From the developer team Power Mob, Pixel Mower is a new Android game that fits into the “pick up and play” and “endless runner” categories, and it might just be your next smartphone game to get addicted to. If you’ve ever played Temple Run, Sonic Dash or any other ...

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uCiC review: Ask, and you shall receive


uCiC (you see I see) is a new app available on the Google Play Store and App Store that gives users the power to request any kind of information in their current location. Whether the user is a traveler in a new area, or permanently resides there, uCiC allows you send a public request to... Read More

Nova Launcher Beta updated to full Material Design


One of the most popular homescreen launcgers on Google Play has been updated for a full Material Design makeover, complete with some new animations, options and modern looks. Top features for the update include All settings screens/dialogs More animations Edit shortcut dialog tinted based on ...

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AMOLED vs LCD: What is best for you


While today’s smartphone screens are all getting bigger, brighter and sharper, the technology used to produce the wonderful images we see varies among different smartphone manufacturers. You may have noticed that Samsung’s smartphones appear to be much more colorful and saturated ...

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