Sprint Quietly Offering $89.99 Unlimited Plan

With everyone talking about the $99 unlimited plans being offered by the 4 major carriers, Sprint has one-upped the competition.

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Intel ‘Atom’ Likely to Power Android Phones?

Going by the codename ‘Menlow’ for quite some time, Intel has pulled the curtain back on what will now be known as the Centrino Atom. These processors will use the Core 2 Duo instruction set and get clock speeds up to 1.8GHz! The processors, using an architecture designed for ...

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This Week in Open Handset Alliance News (February 22nd Edition)

After the busy week of events from Mobile World Congress, a lot of the members of the OHA seemed to be stuck in vacation mode. Not a lot of news to report as everyone made their big headlines the previous week. Look for the next few weeks to be a little quiet as well. So,without... Read More

Consumers Will Emerge Victorious in War of Providers

It’s been said before that 2008 will go down as the year of the mobile device. Cell phones are getting smarter every generation and the rate of adoption is skyrocketing. Many of the smart phone buyers will probably tell you that they never pictured themselves buying one. Why is this ...

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Balloons Full of Hydrogen and Possibility

When I first read the article on the Wall Street Journal yesterday afternoon I immediately thought to myself “Wow, this would totally make sense.” It’s a logical move that couldn’t come at a better time for the cellular industry. Google is on the verge of revolutionizing ...

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Addressing the Alienware Phone Article

Let me start off by saying that the design I saw of that Alienware phone is about the most hideous looking phone I’ve ever seen. In my 6 years of working in and closely following the cell phone industry, I have never been so completely turned off by a design. It would probably do well... ...

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Judging a Book…

Now that two completely different versions of the software developer’s kit (SDK) have been released, it’s time to assess what’s being said about Google’s foray in the mobile arena. Did it improve on the initial offering? What changes were made? Does Android look like ...

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Potential for 2D Barcodes is Limitless

As individuals and teams are busy plugging away with their current Android projects, I’d like to appeal to them. In fact, it doesn’t matter what platform you are writing for. Symbian, Apple, RIM, Windows Mobile, or Linux. All can take advantage of this. The technology behind the 2D ...

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The iPhone is No Longer Revolutionary

I’m not gonna beat around the bush here. I like the iPhone. I think the design of it is sleek, classy, and very desirable. What I don’t like is the fact that unless I want to go about it illegally, I’m forced to go to AT&T to get one. Being a T-Mobile customer, I am... Read More

Just an Idea I Had

I wanna share an idea with anyone out there looking for a program to write for Android. Well, not just developers. I had an idea today standing at Starbucks this morning and felt like sharing it with our readers. Imagine this scenario… For the purpose of this post, I will use Starbucks as ...

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The 6th Percentile

Are you running Google Docs? Oh you are huh? Liar. Download Squad has an eye opening piece up today about this application suite. Apparently, 73% of Americans have never even heard of Google Docs with only 6% of Yanks actually using it! Why is this the case? After all, the programs are free ...

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Hurdles? Already?

Pretty much anyone with an internet capable phone will tell you that accessing the web on a mobile device is nothing like using a PC. Many websites do not view properly or do not display certain items. If the site has frames, you can pretty much count on scrolling through the site for far ...

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Proactive not Reactive

Anytime a company in the technology or personal electronics field comes out with a new device or system for doing things, the products or services available at launch are not quite as cool as the ones coming down the road. When a video game system comes out, there are typically only a handful ...

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What’s The Fuss?

If you’re at all paying attention to the news this week, you’ve heard that Google has decided to jump into the phone market. You couldn’t open a newspaper on Tuesday without a headline telling you all about it. Months ago, when the news started to break that a ‘gPhone’ was in the ...

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