Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle, 83% off


Are you a builder? Maybe builder is a bit of an overstatement but if you like to tinker around and dream of owning a workshop where you can lose track of the hours while you piece together some new pet project then you are certainly not alone. Many of us have fond memories of building... Read More

Last chance for Choose Your Own Next-Gen Android Giveaway


Ready for a new next-gen handset but aren’t prepared to shell out the clams for the hefty upgrade? Today just might be your day! We’re giving away a top-tier next-gen handset of choice to ONE lucky winner in the Choose Your Own Next-Gen Android Giveaway! The winner will choose ...

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Galaxy Note 4 clear shell, $9.99


Meticulously crafted for the Galaxy Note 4, this hard-shell case is water clear and protects your valuable device with a scratch resistant design. Anti-slip coating keeps your Note in your hands and all ports are accessible with its precise fit. You can snap up this case for only $9.99 (Prime ...

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TOCCs Feather Buds: Noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones for under $25


I can’t think of anything more trivially infuriating than my ear buds being ripped from my ears after getting snagged on a doorknob or crowded subway passenger’s arm. The Feather Buds from TOCCs are a perfect fit for folks looking to cut the cord from their wired earbuds without ...

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Dual USB rapid car charger, $6.95


Here’s a great deal on a dual-port USB car charger that refills power quickly and costs next to nothing! At just $6.95 (Prime eligible), these would make a perfect gift that somebody can really get some mileage out of. 4 star rating! Join Prime and get this deal with FREE two-day shipping!

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Galaxy S5 anti-glare/anti-fingerprint screen protectors, $6.95


Time to get rid of the smudges, fingerprints, and awful sunshine glare on your Galaxy S5. These screen protectors are backed by a lifetime warranty and promise a bubble-free installation. This 3-pack from Tech Armor is only $6.95 shipped (Prime eligible) and has glowing reviews. Great deal! ...

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Jumbo Jive Waterproof Wireless Speaker, 42% off


You’re getting ready for a hot night on the town and want to blast some tunes in the bathroom while you primp, prune and shower but don’t want to risk fritzing out your beloved electronics? It can prove to be difficult — shaving and styling in silence — but nobody wants ...

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6ft MicroUSB cable, $4.79


Always a good thing to have on hand, this MicroUSB cable from AmazonBasics has thousands of 5-star reviews. This is a perfect combo with a wall or car charger or to just keep on hand for file transferring. Supporting 480Mbps transfer speed, these cables are a wonderful deal at only $4.79 (Prime ...

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Best cases for HTC One M9

best cases onem9

You’re either waiting for your HTC One M9 to show up or you’ve just gotten your hands on one. Whichever category you may fall into, you’ll definitely want to protect that precious device from the pitfalls of drops, dings, and scratches. With a wide variety of cases ready at ...

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ZeroLemon rugged solar-powered battery pack, $49.99


For all of our outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen reading, you’re in for a real treat. You’ve been camping and had the dreaded red battery indicator of doom from your various devices. Now, one could easily start panicking that being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no form of ...

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BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer, $84.99


There are few times when the phrase “better safe than sorry” is more appropriate than when it comes to making critical decisions after drinking. One mistake, slip or poor decision could alter the trajectory of your life forever. Many Android users turn to weight-loss, fitness ...

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The DJI Phantom 2 Giveaway


Are you ready to take to the sky? You’ve seen everyone going crazy over quadcopters and aerial video. Now’s your chance to grab one of the best-rated drones on the market at the lovely price of absolutely FREE. We’re giving away a DJI Phantom 2 to one lucky AndroidGuys reader. ...

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Pre-order pricing for Snowflake drone, $39.99


If you’re in the market for a drone with a smooth flight and nimble handling, the new Snowflake from Berlib should be on your radar. This bad boy can do 360 degree rolls and pull off 4-way flips with ease. You can even team up with a group and re-enact moments from the Jeff Daniels... Read More

Cloud Buds wireless headphones, 77% off


We all know the frustration of our headphone cords looking like the Christmas lights that Chevy Case asks Rusty to untangle in Christmas Vacation. Or, even worse, enjoying the beat and feeling the music only to have your world rocked by catching the headphone cord on a doorknob and violently ...

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Best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6

best screen6

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is rapidly approaching (or has already arrived) and that means new hardware will be gracing your hands at any moment. There’s a euphoric rush that accompanies getting a new phone — not unlike the smell of a new car or feel of a ...

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