Last chance: Pay What You Want Front-End Developer Bundle


If you haven’t jumped on this deal yet, this is your final chance! That’s right, the Pay What You Want: Front-End Developer Bundle that readers have been snatching up at a rapic pace is ending on Sunday. That means this is your last opportunity to grab over 93 hours and 7 courses of ...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Giveaway


Feeling jealousy when your friends whip out their fancy new tablets at get-togethers? Smiling through the pain as they swipe through photos of their recent trip to the Carribean while you try to push down the burning desire to throw your laggy old iPad into oncoming traffic? Okay, so maybe ...

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Last chance for White Hat Hacker Bundle, $49


Learning to hack, ethically, is a necessity in today’s age of ever-growing digital threats. Whether your goal is to build your business or simply stop your secure data from being breached, learning the ropes of hacking can be the perfect leg up in sales or counter-measure against cyber ...

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Bayit Smart Wi-Fi Socket, 20% off


It seems, at times, that there’s a disparity between the technological power that we harness in our handsets and the lack of sophistication of some of our appliances at home. With my device, I can immediately navigate to a niche record store in some foreign city without evening using my ...

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1TB Wi-Fi hard drive + 10TB cloud backup from iDrive, $97


When my parents were young, they’d collect photographs in shoeboxes, albums, and scrapbooks. Now, all of my photos and videos are on a small MicroSD card tucked into the back of my phone. What if I were to lose that phone or, even more likely, that card? Sure, I can back the images up ...

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Last chance for Pay What You Want Design Bundle


Time is running out on our popular Pay What You Want: Learn to Design Bundle so if you haven’t signed up for a chance to win, what are you waiting for? You’ll recieve over 80 hours of expert tutelage delivered through 8 powerful and comprehensive courses. You’ll learn ...

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50″ LG TV & Sound Bar Giveaway


We’re giving away a FREE 50″ LG TV and throwing in a sound bar speaker to boot! There’s no purchase necessary and you can enhance your chances of winning by sharing the giveaway with your friends on social media. Enter now and upgrade your entire home theater situation to the ...

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Last chance pre-order pricing on Code Black Drone, $89


One of our most popular quadcopters, the Limited Edition Code Black Drone is a perfect item for video enthusiasts, gadget-lovers, aviation fanatics, kids, Batman fans (chicks dig the drone), and just about everyone else. An inexpensive alternative to higher-priced quadcopters, this drone is fun ...

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Last chance for Full Stack Hacker Bundle, $49


If you haven’t snagged up the Full Stack Hacker Bundle yet, this is your last chance. Scoop up over 70 hours of expert training through 8 different web developer courses and kickstart your path to becoming a full-fledged hacker. We’re talking learning from the pros on how to develop ...

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Power Vault Battery Pack, $30


Running around in the city or making several meetings throughout the course of your work day? You’re certainly going to need some back-up battery life. For folks who don’t spend a large amount of time in a car, charging through a cigarette lighter adapter just doesn’t cut it. ...

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Equil Smartpen, 47% off


So many things in today’s world are made significantly better by constantly evolving technology. Why scrub dishes in scummy water when your dishwasher can do a more effective job? Why spend hours shoveling when your snow-blower will make short work of it? Technology can make us more ...

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Learn to develop impressive mobile games, $39


Do you have what it takes to put together the next Candy Crush? With this Unity3D developer bundle, you just may. 7 expertly guided courses and over 40 hours of premium tutelage comprise this starter pack that puts you on the direct path to app creation. You’ll learn to script with C#, ...

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TravelCard wallet-friendly slim charger, $29


Is your phone always dying? Are you afraid to hit the town for the day because you’ll be unreachable 4 hours into your trek? No matter what your lifestyle, an extra boost of power is something we could all use. What if you don’t spend enough time in your car to achieve a full-charge ...

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3 years of private connection with Anonymizer VPN, $55


There are plenty of reasons for one to want to keep their internet connection private. It’s possible that you have a dose of distrust for your government and want to ensure your sense of privacy while online. Maybe you’ve made enemies or inadvertently endeared yourself to some ...

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Last chance to enter our Choose Your Own Smartwatch Giveaway


Today is the last full day to get your entries in for a chance at winning the Choose Your Own Smartwatch Giveaway. Entries will no longer be taken after 12PM (PST) on 2/17 and you can’t win if you don’t submit. Enter now and place your name in the hat for a free Moto 360,... Read More