Power Button Flashlight: Review

Flashlight feature

One feature that has become more and more prominent on smartphones is being able to use the device’s LED flash for a flashlight or torch. Flashlights are becoming more and more standard on smartphones, but it is difficult to access them most of the time; some devices don’t even have ...

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OLALA C2-a Battery Pack Review

olala c2-a

Poor battery life is something that plagues smartphones. While there are phones out there that can last a day without a hitch, it should be a standard that all phones can be used throughout the day for calls, texting, games, videos, and more without having to worry about battery life. While we ...

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Armpocket armband review


If you’re a runner like me, accessories can make or break a good run. I’ve become dependent on my smart phone for tracking my run, providing music or podcasts, and taking pictures of some of the various vistas in the Bay Area. What I needed for a very long time was an armband that is... Read More

Soccer Player Manager Android app Review

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 19.56.06

Being from the UK, I’m a big fan of soccer (or football as we call it), which means I have a particular liking for soccer manager simulation games and I was recently given the opportunity to review Soccer Player Manager by MobTwo. Soccer Player Manager is your typical soccer management ...

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Divoom Airbeat-10 speaker review


Among Divoom’s fine collection of speakers, both wired and wireless, we have one of the smaller cousins, the Airbeat-10. Perfect for people who need decent quality music on the go, the Airbeat-10 is a small sized Bluetooth speaker capable of pushing volumes I wouldn’t expect from a ...

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Words on Tour

WOT Main1

It just seems as if there is a never ending splurge of Candy Crush clones and an endless amount of Word Games. I just so happened to come across this game by accident. I was playing the newly updated Words with Friends when an ad popped up on my screen. “Download Words on Tour for... Read More

360 Security – Antivirus Boost: Review


One thing that is getting more and more necessary on our Android devices is the need for mobile security protection. According to a Forbes article from 2014, 97% of mobile malware targets Android devices, whereas iOS malware takes less than 1% of the share. This is most likely due to the fact ...

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10 of the most popular apps this week (January 30)


Welcome back to the regular series aimed at helping Android users get more from their devices. If you’re looking for some new Android apps or games check it out: we have a handful of popular new titles to get you started. What you’ll find below are some of the hottest trending apps of the ...

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Android management app MoboRobo (review)

MoboRobo Icon

There are quite a few Android management apps out there, and honestly, a lot of them are just spam. Some of them force ads onto your devices, check data they’re not supposed to and the ones that seem ok never really live up to the expectations set by iTunes device management. I expected ...

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CM Browser review: This is a browser you need to try [App of the Day]


I’m an avid Chrome user, both on Android and on desktop. I enjoy the synchronization it offers between the two, including bookmarks and recent tabs. However, Chrome has never “wow’d” me or impressed me. On desktop, I do believe it to be the best choice (very close with ...

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Calendar Notify review: a widget for your notifications

Lockscreen Notification

If you are like me, you tend to forget things like deadlines and meetings easily. Having my schedule on my phone helps some, but I still find tasks sneaking up on me. Putting a widget on my homescreen helps sometimes, but I often overlook the widget and go right into another app. If this ...

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Evolution – Multiplayer FPS Review

evolution - multiplayer fps freezenova

Developers FreezeNova have released a new Android game called Evolution. It’s a multiplayer first person shooter looking to provide a simple premise: allow a place for mobile users to play a multiplayer fps. Without further ado, let’s get into the review. Gameplay As I mentioned, ...

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Create your own polygon wallpapers with PolyGen [App of the Day]


App of the Day is back, and this time to feature PolyGen, an app that allows you to create your own beautiful geometric wallpapers. I’ve been using PolyGen myself a lot, and use it to covert almost all of my favorite wallpaper photos I find into a triangulated version of it. Using the app ...

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Quick Look: Airship Bakery


Are you a fan of match-three games? Do you find yourself constantly on the lookout for something new and exciting in that genre? Fortunately, there seems to be an endless supply of those sorts of games on Android. One of the latest we’ve encountered is Airship Bakery. Not only is it match ...

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Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure (Review)


Who doesn’t like old school hack n’ slash games? RPG is one of the few genres which lets you experience a new surrounding from the perspective of a virtual character. Introducing to you one such game which will get you addicted as you embark on an exciting adventure. What it is ...

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