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Charge everything at once with an iClever 6-Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger: Review

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for people to have multiple devices and most charge via USB. Myself, I have a tablet, phone, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, and an extended

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AAXA Technologies P700 HD LED Micro projector (Review)

Having the ability to bring presentations with you on your smartphone, USB flash drive, or other media device is useless if you don’t have the ability to share it with

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ZTE Boost MAX+ review: Big, bulky, and just enough

If you’ve been paying attention to smartphones over the last couple of years, then you certainly understand that these things are getting bigger all the time. Whereas a few years ago

Accessory Reviews

Jabra Sport Pace Wireless earbuds (Review)

Exercise is a daily activity for many of us. Whether it be walks at the park, running at the track or lifting weights in the gym, we all try to


LuguLake Swan Wireless Speaker – Great things come in small packages (Review)

The elegant LuguLake Swan Wireless speaker fits both aesthetically and auditorily in the modern chic home. With its black circular shape and craned head, it produces clear audio in 360

Smartphone Reviews

A very cool review of the verykool Jet SL5009

A while back I wrote an article about Why low to mid level phones are the “Next Big Thing”. I recently received an entry-level phone from a company named verykool. In

App Reviews

Guard your info from prying eyes with LEO Privacy Guard [App Review]

With many of us having our entire lives and all our personal information somewhere on our phones, security and privacy are extremely important. LEO Privacy Guard is a security app


Beat Da Beat is here to rock your world! [App Review]

If there’s one thing that all humans enjoy, it is almost certainly music. Although we may have different styles, music is always utilized in movies, plays and daily life in


HTC One A9 review: Where have you been HTC?

After spending much of the summer tossing about the rumor mill, HTC last week unveiled its One A9. Touted as a hero experience, many in the smartphone space were initially


Kinivo URBN: A premium Bluetooth headset

If any of you read my review of the Kinivo BTX450, you know that Kinivo has completely blown me away with the quality of their audio equipment. To give a

Accessory Reviews

Coocheer Bluetooth Earphones review

It’s interesting to see how different manufacturers decide to build their Bluetooth headphones. We come by a lot of them at AndroidGuys, and they’re all different. Most wired earphones have

Accessory Reviews

Review: Check out the QiStone+, the universal wireless charger

Qi wireless charging is one of the newest and most convenient technologies for charging your phone. Along with Quick Charging, Qi charging is changing the charging game. Flagship phones like

Accessory Reviews

AudioFly AF45 in-ear headphones review

I recently got the opportunity to review AudioFly’s complete performance in-ear headphone collection. There are four headphones in this collection that each fit into a consumer’s budget. There is the


Master the art of image manipulation with Sketch Master (app review)

Image manipulation on Android is nothing new. It’s been around since the early days of Google Play, then known as Android Market. Sketch Master is another one of those apps

Smartphone Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review: A change for the best?

Samsung completely revamped its entire Galaxy smartphone line this year, focusing on premium build materials. Its sales numbers have been dropping off in the recent past with the Galaxy line, especially in