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Political Run campaigns for your votes in the Play Store

We’re always looking for new and interesting things to occupy our time while we’re on the bus or the train and don’t want to be completely idle. Mobile games are

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Launcher X app review: An enhanced stock Android launcher you need to check out

Many of us get frustrated with manufacturer-produced Android launchers. One big reason why Nexus fans have such a strong fan-base is because they come with the pure, stock Android OS.

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Enjoy word games and crossword puzzles? Check out Word Fever at the Google Play Store (app review)

I’m not a huge gamer these days, but I still do enjoy games from time to time and word games are particularly fun for me. Words with Friends has been an

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Veer Contacts Widget (App Review)

When it comes to quickly and easily messaging your favorite contacts, there are sometimes that easy isn’t the right word for it. There can be a lot of taps and clicks

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Briteli App Review: Your professional content curator

If you like having your content aggregated into one central place, it’s likely you’ve used a service to curate everything for you. This saves you time and allows you to

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SmartPixel screen recorder is a great app that’s easy to use [review]

A prominent feature of gaming today is the ability to record your gameplay for yourself or to share with others. SmartPixel screen recorder by GoPlay stands as one of the

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Easily keep your contact list updated with Veecards (App Review)

It’s a pain to try and keep track of all of your friends and their contact info. It’s even more of a pain to keep track of business associates that

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Denarri aims to take the noise out of online shopping (App review)

I do most of my shopping online. For most of the things I buy I hop on Amazon, make sure the price is something I’m willing to pay, and 2

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Try not to lose your mind with Tap Tap Egg (App Review)

There are tons of frustrating games on the Play Store. From Flappy Bird to Timberman, games that not only annoy us, but become addictive are all the craze. I have spent

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Agent 003 to the Rescue [App Review]

Agent 003 to the Rescue is all about rescue and adventure. As you may have guessed, Agent 003 takes a Bond-style approach on all his missions, with his ultimate goal

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TIDAL review: sweet HiFi to my ears

If you’re familiar with TIDAL’s streaming service, you’re probably also familiar with the frequent cold shoulder that it receives. I would argue that a lot of that stems just from the

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Secure your connection simply with Supernet VPN (Review)

Online privacy is becoming more of a priority for people every day, and they are constantly searching for ways to secure their online information. Some of these people are searching

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The full featured Starbucks app makes coffee easy to order(App review)

I know almost all of you have heard of Starbucks. I love coffee and drink it on a regular basis, and one can argue that there are many coffee shops

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Capture all your child’s moments with Snapbrite (review)

As parents, we want to capture all the silly and wonderful moments of our children’s lives. Now you can do it easily with Snapbrite. Overview Snapbrite is an app that

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YouTube Music is just what we (don’t) need [App Review]

As if the digital music streaming market wasn’t already saturated enough, Google decided to take advantage of the content they have available on YouTube and offer it as a streaming