• Versus 1
    Versus pits your favorite devices head-to-head [App of the Day]

    The Internet is good for a ton of things, but comparing two like (or unlike) devices ...

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  • disconnect search
    Search in private on your Android with Disconnect Search [App of the Day]

    Sometimes it’s nice to be off the grid for awhile. What if you need to look something up, ...

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  • Shuttle Up
    Kill time with Shuttle Up

    Looking for a new game to pass time? Shuttle Up is an addictive, tricky game that lets players ...

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  • HiRise Muzei 1
    HiRise Muzei brings high resolution images of Mars to your wallpaper [App of the Day]

    Explore Mars, one giant image at a time. In case you haven’t heard. we told you that ...

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  • unnamed
    CLIFFHANGER keeps you up to date with your favorite TV shows [App of the Day]

    If you are looking for a TV show tracker that is as elegant as it is useful,  look no further ...

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App Review: DriveSafe.ly

DriveSafe.ly is an application that will read aloud the text messages you receive while driving or doing anything that stops you from looking at your Android’s screen. The application itself is free (available from the Market) but to get more choice of voices or to be able to have more ...

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App Review: Spotify

For those of you that haven’t heard of Spotify, the name is most commonly recognized as referring to a desktop music player/streaming service for Windows and Mac giving you access to a near-unlimited supply of music in exchange for putting up with visual and audio advertisements. An ...

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App Review: Tunes Remote

Because my blood is made up of half plasma and half nano machines, I desire my house to be wired the same way.  I crave surroundings that are wired, work well together, and all my needs and desires are a button press or less away. As a result, we have a HTPC, or Home Theater... Read More

App Review: Trap!

Ok call me crazy, but up until now I really haven’t used my phone for gaming purposes.  Perhaps it’s just that I haven’t been in any situations that have called for something to simply occupy my time.  All that changed on Friday when I was stuck waiting for a friend in a ...

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App Review: Radiant

From the creators of Buka and Totemo, Hexage has brought another stellar game to the Android platform; Radiant.  Radiant is an arcade style shooter game reminiscent of classics like “Galaga.”  Hexage, true to their style, adds their own unique twist and details into the game play. ...

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App Review: Space War

I have been watching this game since it was first available on the market, so I’ve seen the many improvements that have been made to it. At first this game was way too hard to beat. After only a few user comments, the developer started taking action. At one point he was releasing a new... ...

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App Review: Mundu IM

Mundu is an Instant Messaging app that allows you to connect to various IM clients such as Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, AIM, ICQ and XMPP (that one was new to me!) Signing up to each service is as simple as entering your username and password and choosing a Nickname. Once you are signed in you select... ...

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App Review: Astraware Solitaire

One of the biggest gripes about the Android platform has been the lack of good games.  Generally speaking, people tend to think that to qualify as a good game you should have 3D graphics and visuals that blow you away. Well this isn’t necessarily the case. A good game is all about game play ...

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App Review: Alarmed

If you’re anything like me, getting out of bed is one of the hardest parts of the day. You deliberately set your alarm to go off at least 30 minutes earlier than when you really need to get up, just so you can hit snooze several times before dragging yourself out of bed in a... Read More

App Review: Xeeku Twitter

While I use Twidroid Pro exclusively for tweeting I am not beholden to any one application.  As a general rule, I just use what fits my needs best.  That’s why I was pretty excited about using Xeeku Twitter for Android.  First off, let me say that Xeeku has a very nice UI and has a... ...

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Running MOTOBLUR on my G1

I opened Twitter today and I saw a newly minted link to the XDA site for the MOTOBLUR ROM.  Thanks LeakDroid!  Actually, out of the various CyanogenMods, Hero, and other ROMs, this was the easiest to get up and running on my T-Mobile G1.  Except for some small problems, (WiFi and Bluetooth ...

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App Review:WiSyncPlus 1.4.12

WiSyncPlus is a fairly complex application for the G1 that will that automatically enable or disable syncing on your WiFi. I am not saying it is complex because of difficulty to use it , it is just a very detailed program with many options. This app can definitely save you money if you do ...

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App Review: On Air (WiFi Disk)

Android devices operate almost exactly like computers and obviously runs independent of one. You don’t need to sync your Android with a cable to get your emails, contacts, calendar entries as it can be done through the air.  The same goes with applications or podcasts.  There are, ...

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Still Searching (or Thoughts on FlickIt Lite)

As we all know, transferring data from our Android phones can be a hit or miss. It’ll send just fine, but who knows when or if the other person ever gets it. I am constantly searching for a way to reliably share photos. So when I heard about FlickIt Lite, I couldn’t wait to try... ...

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App Review: Alarmoid

Being kept up at night by the dreaded TWI (texting while intoxicated)?  Or perhaps you are sick of those 3:00 am phone calls from your buddy who wanted to let you know that “Highlander” was on TBS?  If late night communications are keeping you up at night then Alarmoid may be for ...

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