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TIDAL review: sweet HiFi to my ears

If you’re familiar with TIDAL’s streaming service, you’re probably also familiar with the frequent cold shoulder that it receives. I would argue that a lot of that stems just from the

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Secure your connection simply with Supernet VPN (Review)

Online privacy is becoming more of a priority for people every day, and they are constantly searching for ways to secure their online information. Some of these people are searching

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The full featured Starbucks app makes coffee easy to order(App review)

I know almost all of you have heard of Starbucks. I love coffee and drink it on a regular basis, and one can argue that there are many coffee shops

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Capture all your child’s moments with Snapbrite (review)

As parents, we want to capture all the silly and wonderful moments of our children’s lives. Now you can do it easily with Snapbrite. Overview Snapbrite is an app that

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YouTube Music is just what we (don’t) need [App Review]

As if the digital music streaming market wasn’t already saturated enough, Google decided to take advantage of the content they have available on YouTube and offer it as a streaming

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War Piggy: Jetpack Pig Warrior (game review)

 Overview Jetpack Pig Warrior is simple game that puts the player in the position of a highly skilled pig operative that flies around the screen in the direction of the

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Become a master of sketching with Sketch Master (app review)

Ever since touch screens were invented, people have wanted to create art on those devices, and many people have. It seems like companies continue to make that easier with new

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Amazon Prime Now: Skip the trip, one hour delivery (app and service review) recently became the world’s largest retailer in 2015, surpassing the mighty Walmart and has established themselves by offering great prices, quick and reliable shipping, with other free services as

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View your photos with RotoView Photo Viewer (app review)

At some point in our photo taking adventures, we have to zoom in to view all the details of our pictures. With RotoView Photo Viewer, you can now scroll your

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Raindar is a simple and powerful weather radar app (App review)

Weather apps are a dime a dozen. Today we’re going to take a look at Raindar, who does it a little bit different. Raindar focuses on one thing, and does it

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Texture by Next Issue: All you can read magazine subscription [App Review]

You may have heard of Netflix and all you can eat buffets before. If you haven’t, come out from under that rock and live a little. Netflix and all you

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Destiny Companion app: The one every Guardian needs [App Review]

Through the use of the Bungie mobile app you’ll be able to utilize the Companion. It’s Bungie’s second-screen experience that will keep you connected to the game, while you’re in

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Spark Epic: High replay value, but it comes at a cost

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed casual games on smartphones. Even dating back to pre-Android days I am fan of games that I can pick up, play

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Fallout C.H.A.T. Comes Just In Time To Hype Fallout 4 [App Review]

In case you weren’t aware, Bethesda is dropping a pretty hefty title this week: Fallout 4. In preparation for the grand reveal, they have been working tirelessly to hype the

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Connect Four Plus: A new twist to a classic game (App Review)

One of the best things about smartphones nowadays is the ability to take some of our favorite classic games and play them in new ways. One of these games Connect