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Avoid the cats and collect the cherries with Bertie Bird (App Review)

Today we review Bertie Bird. A spin-off from Flappy Birds, but with a few more twists and turns to worry about other than just what you may be used to.

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Epic App Battles of Android Round 5: Spotify vs. Slacker

In the green corner, we have Spotify, founded in 2006 with 100 million downloads and an average user rating of 4.5 In the red corner, we have Slacker, founded in

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Exercise your gray matter with Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles (app review)

As I previously mentioned in my review of the app Sum, our brains need to periodically be worked out. The Alzheimer’s Association says: Mental decline as you age appears to

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Clever Volume Beta: Clever Music

As a tech savvy guy, I”m always on the lookout for something that makes my life easier, be it a life hack or a convenient app. Clever Volume Beta is

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Roving Rovers Floating Launcher Roves around your screen (app review)

When Facebook debuted its chat head system with Facebook messenger in 2013 it was an instant hit. So much so, that when they axed SMS and MMS messaging from the

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Statistexts (app review)

The average person sends over 3,000 text messages per month. That’s a lot of information being sent in a short amount of time. Whether you are letting your parents know

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Defense of Greece TD: Worth it? [App Review]

Tower-defense games: love them or hate them, you’ve got to admit that they provide a lengthy challenge that can be played anywhere. First Games Interactive has created one based on

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Wizards Maze HD: Spooky Fun (App Review)

Halloween might still be a while away, but who says we can’t have a bit of spooky fun? In Wizards Maze, the creepiness comes to life as you find your

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Epic App Battles of Android: Beats Music vs. TIDAL

In the final installment of App Battles Round 1, we’ll be spectating the battle between Beats and TIDAL. In the Black corner, we have TIDAL, Jay-Z’s premium with 500,000 downloads

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I started running because this app rocked my run (App Review)

Let’s face it, running sucks. It has to be the most boring exercise there is to do, even squats seem preferable. Judging by the vast amount of gizmos and gadgets directed

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Griddition: Maths on the go (App Review)

I’m sure most of you remember that you probably did maths at some stage of your life. And, yes, while it was probably the bane of your life, we may

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UFO Flight: Unpolished or unfinished?

After a few minutes of playing UFO Flight, there’s a bit of nostalgia that began to creep in. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but I soon remembered

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TextMuse an aMusing way to text your friends (App Review)

In case you were wondering, yes the title of this review has an intentional pun in it. I have another reason that I used that word aside from the opportunity

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Wallpapers MX: too much, but also not enough (review)

Are you the type of person who prefers a nice clean, minimal layout for your Android home screen? Do you like flat, gradient, and/or distraction-free wallpapers? If you’re saying yes

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The Machine: A great maze type game [App Review]

If you happen to be amongst the more privileged of us and have time to spare, you probably enjoy a decent game that takes time and patience to play. Or