123FormBuilder: True mobility without network constraints (Promoted)

    Have you ever needed to collect data, add photos to field reports, or fill out inspection checklists while out in the field?

    When you are doing fieldwork, relying on network coverage is not the best idea, especially in remote areas. What can you do if the network coverage is down?

    123FormBuilder just launched a new mobile app that allows you to collect data anytime, anywhere… Even if you temporarily have no network coverage.

    Field workers who need to collect data, add photos to field reports or fill out inspection checklists are now able to do all of these even when the network coverage is down.

    How does it work? It’s pretty simple, actually. The app uses the internal device storage to securely collect and store all form submissions, photos or any other type of uploaded documents right there in your phone. That way, you can use it offline, and not lose any data! Then, once you reach an area with network coverage, the app automatically syncs all the submissions and sends all the required data to the 3rd party apps supported by the native integration suite.

    Core capabilities:

    • Users can view and fill out forms on their mobile device online and offline. Even while in offline mode, all form features (like the conditional dynamic behavior) are preserved.
    • While in offline mode, collected data is stored on the device123formbuilder. When internet connectivity is reached, all data is synced in the cloud.
    • File uploads are supported in offline mode as well. This is especially useful when users need to take photos on the field.
    • Users can view and edit form entries both online and offline.
    • Forms are fully responsive, looking and working well on any mobile device.
    • Data is securely stored on your device

    123FormBuilder has built their mobile & offline app working closely with partners from multiple industries, focusing on day to day use cases in order to improve efficiency and enhance mobility.

    The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and it’s free to use with a 123FormBuilder account which users can create directly on their device.