What’s the next big Android phone?

    Not far into 2018, the new options for Android phones are already attracting attention from industry watchers and customers alike. While Samsung’s standard-bearer, the Galaxy S8, has probably gotten the most reviews, it’s hardly the only new Android device to get noticed for design, usability, and the latest software. The Google Pixel has received rave reviews as well, especially for its camera and picture-taking abilities, and the OnePlus 3T is carving out a market for itself as being one of the best Android phones at its price-point.

    For those who prefer a larger phone, the Huawei Mate 9 blends a wide screen with sleek design, comfortable handling, and excellent performance, while the LG G6 remains popular among those who prefer something a little more understated. Clearly, in 2018 Android is set to maintain its reputation as one of the most diverse and multifunctional operating systems available.

    Many shoppers purchase a new phone every two years, which means that many brand-loyal Android users can’t wait to discover the new features of the latest generation. But it also means that those who are considering an upgrade might also be thinking about what to do with their old phones — most of which are in perfect working condition.

    If considering the newest and best Android phones available has you wondering how quickly you can get your hands on one, you should check the value of your Android phone to see whether selling it online can help get you closer to raising the money for an upgrade.

    By finding out how much your phone is worth before posting an advertisement on an online marketplace, you can ensure that you get a fair price. Some online marketplaces, like Kijiji, even provide estimates as to how much the value of your phone will fluctuate based on how urgently you need to sell it. A Galaxy S7, for example, will, on average, sell for $528 — which could be as little as half the price of a new S8, or only $200 more, depending on where you buy it.But you might get you as much as $580 for your used S7 if you’re patient, whereas if you need to sell quickly you might have to drop the price as low as $475.

    In the global smartphone market, Android has been building a reputation for steady improvement over the past three years. Android phones have shown marked improvement since they were introduced more than a decade ago, and this has been possible in large part because of their versatility. In addition to the quality of the underlying software of the Android OS, innovations introduced by hardware providers who run Android — like Samsung, Google, and LG —have ensured that regardless of income or need, there is an Android for everyone.

    If this new range of phones is any indication, Android is set to remain a strong contender as one of the most popular and flexible operating systems in use. And by valuing your current phone, you can get a sense for how much money you can save off the price of a new device before you put it up on the market, saving you time and money.

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