ZeroBounce email validation system – Boost your email marketing effort (Promoted)

    Do you run an online business of your own? If answered yes, chances are high that you have started collecting mail addresses of your users and you’ve involved yourself in email marketing to get your subscribers returning to you for more. You will probably have millions of email addresses by now but the million-dollar question is how many among them are valid enough. Online subscriptions forms attract spambots and due to this the email databases are mostly full of spam addresses. This keeps wasting your money.

    This is when you can turn to services like ZeroBounce which is one of the best email
    validation services which permits you in validating your mail address before you add that to
    your database. Few of the best features of ZeroBounce are:

    • Detection of email bounce
    • Detection of spam trap and email abuse
    • Data append of email

    Into the details…

    Detection of email bounce

    For every single email address, ZeroBounce will question the email server like Yahoo, Gmail
    or AOL to check whether or the email address is valid. ZeroBounce will then eliminate all the illegitimate mails from the list to prohibit email bounces which later on tarnishes your

    Detection of spam traps and mail abuse

    ZeroBounce can even recognize those domains which are well-known for spam, abuse and
    emails created by bots. It can even identify those mails which already have a history of
    marking mails as spam. ZeroBounce can also recognize temporary mail accounts which are
    used to mask actual mail addresses.

    Data append of emails

    Majority of the time, only email addresses are captured of the users instead of also capturing
    their location and name. When you validate emails, ZeroBounce can even recognize your
    first name, your last name, age of the mail address, location and add it on to your list.

    Testing your ZeroBounce account

    Signing up with ZeroBounce and creating an account is free of cost and you will be offered
    100 credits to test the system where 1 credit is equivalent to 1 email validation. In order to
    get started, here are the few steps that you should take:

    • Sign up in order to get a free account with ZeroBounce
    • As soon as you log in, you will find yourself in the section called the Bulk Email Validator where you will be allowed to upload a text file of the mail address which you wish to verify
    • Once the text file or the CSV file is prepared, upload the file to ZeroBounce and alter ‘Choose Separator’ to ‘Comma’. Next you have to click on button ‘Validate File’ and begin the validation. You’ll soon be taken to the section called ‘Uploaded Files’ where you can check the validation status. This takes around 30 minutes to validate around 100 mail addresses.
    • You’ll get a mail notification as soon as the validation completes.
    • You can download this file from ZeroBounce.

    So, if you’re serious and eager to know about email marketing, you should use ZeroBounce
    to verify your mail addresses. It will not only let you save your dollars but also boost your
    rate of engagement which is something that mail marketers yearn for.

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