Charge your phone in over 150 countries with the Omnia TA502 Travel Adapter

Are you an international jetsetter, always boarding planes? If you’re a traveler, you don’t have time to concern yourself with particular charging standards. You need chargers that will work no matter the country and/or standard, but you find yourself always grabbing American chargers when you need international ones. Blame your down time for the charger grabbing mishaps.

Even when you grab international chargers, however, you’ve discovered that it isn’t easy to find that ideal charger you can take everywhere. Often, your charger works in one country (the one you plan to visit), but may not work if you make a surprise visit to a friend or acquaintance in another country.


A new product today will help ease your mind regarding international charging standards. Called the Omnia TA502 Travel Adapter, this small, portable adapter comes with a slide and plug mechanism that lets you protect its wall plug so that you don’t damage it unintentionally. The Omnia Travel Adapter is the international charger to rule them all, with charging standards covering 150 countries, including the US, UK, EU, AU, and USB Type-A charging standards. Yes, USB Type-A, Type-B, and Type-C charging standards are all welcome with Adam Elements’ Omnia TA502.

The Omnia TA502 comes with a built-in LED charging light that lets you know the charging progress of your adapter so that you need not wait the entire time without any indication of just how “juiced” your charger is. This helps a lot, as those airport breaks between flights can get a bit fast in cases of delayed flights that take off quickly after the fact.

The Omnia TA502 Travel Adapter originally costs $49.99, but we’re offering it to our readers at a discount of 18% for a discounted price of $39.99 with three color options: Black/Grey, Black/Red, and Rose Gold, and All Red (Red/Red). Head on over to the Omnia Travel Adapter link above to pick up your one-for-all, international charger.