[DEAL] Pick up a Magellan Echo Smart Fitness Watch for $39.99

As much as we love our Android Wear watches and all of the cool functionality that comes with them, not everyone feels the same. Some users don’t have a need for features such as heart rate monitors, internally stored music, or GPS. And, really, not everyone wants to drop a couple hundred bucks for a watch. What to do? Consider a Magellan Echo.

The Magellan Echo Smart Fitness Watch is a wearable that we’d deem smart enough for most folks. It pairs with both Android (4.4+) and iOS (4S+) devices and delivers plenty of functions. At a glance, the Magellan Echo displays distance, pace, heart rate, and other items from your apps.



  • Track your daily sleep & activity, & upload it directly to the Magellan Active App
  • Control your music w/ a click of the wrist
  • Get sports news notifications in real-time
  • Save power: it does not need charging & lasts up to 3 months
  • Save & share your progress w/ social media & the Magellan community

Normally, a Magellan Echo might set you back about $100; we’ve got a much better price for you today. Head to the AndroidGuys Deals Store and you’ll find the wearable going for a mere $39.99. Yep, that’s a 60 percent discount! Available in black, blue, grey, orange, and pink, this watch is equal parts stylish and practical.