Droplr offers simple and flexible file sharing and collaboration; 4 years is just $39.99

Just about every professional or office job requires file sharing and collaboration in a daily basis. Moreover, we find something similar in the household as multiple members of a family try to coordinate and share.

We’re all familiar with Dropbox, but it’s not a perfect system. What happens when the person sharing files with you closes their account or deletes a folder? Droplr attempts to deliver a better, if not more streamlined approach to file sharing. Not only does it bring new things to the table, it also plays nice with the existing apps and services you are already using.

As our Deal of the Day we are offering you a chance to check it out with incredible savings (90% off) on a four-year subscription.


  • Collaborate w/ up to three users on a single account
  • Use the new Boards feature to create & share boards w/ team members around concepts, ideas, projects, & more
  • Snag images or videos of your screen & have them share-ready in a few quick clicks
  • Record as an image or gif & pop a link in a chat or email in seconds
  • Annotate screenshots for further clarity
  • Shorten links for easier sharing
  • Share only what you want to show w/ previews
  • Control when what you share disappears & password protect Drops for added security
  • Tag Drops w/ keywords for simple organization
  • Select any part of your screen to record & pause or mute audio during recording
  • Write Markdown notes & share code snippets w/ syntax-highlighting
  • Drag & drop gifs right from the browser
  • Integrate w/ Slack, Jira, Confluence, Google Docs, Asana, Hipchat, Twitter, Basecamp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, & many more

Where to Buy

You can sign up for a discounted four-year subscription to Droplr from the AndroidGuys Deals Store for only $39.99. That’s a mere ten bucks a year and a kick-ass price. If you’re not quite ready to commit to something that long, sign up for the one-year option at $19.99 and you’ll still save about 79% in the end.