Get yourself in beach-season form with the Nike+ Fuelband SE

Everybody wants to live a happy and fulfilled life full of fun activities and good health, but when you throw in the stress from work, chores, appointments and scheduling, taking care of yourself can get lost in the shuffle. By neglecting a routine workout and restful sleep, we’re only exacerbating the issue and heading toward a cycle of unfulfillment and depression. With a little bit of wearable tech on your side, you can break that cycle and start feeling alive!

The Nike+ Fuelband SE is a fitness tracker that packs the best of both worlds into a single sleek product. It tracks your physical activity, monitors your sleep patterns, supports text/e-mail/phone notifications and is even water-resistant.


[list][item icon=”fa-star” ]Get real-time feedback & reminders on the LED display[/item][item icon=”fa-star” ]Connect to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0[/item][item icon=”fa-star” ]Wear the sleek, sport-designed band w/ anything[/item][item icon=”fa-star” ]Track steps, calories burned & active minutes[/item][item icon=”fa-star” ]Measure how much you move or don’t move throughout the day[/item][item icon=”fa-star” ]Track activity intensity during any activity[/item][item icon=”fa-star” ]Track sleep patterns (w/ Nike+ account)[/item][/list]

Although the Nike+ Fuelbands have been discontinued, you can still get your hands on a Certified Refurbished Nike+ Fuelband SE through AndroidGuys and StackCommerce. Normally, the Nike+ Fuelband SE would run you $150, but you can head over to the StackCommerce page, save over 70% and get the Nike+ Fuelband SE for only $37.99.

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AndroidGuys Deals: Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker (Certified Refurbished)