Our $19 speed reading bundle improves reading and comprehension

Speed Reading

For a lot of you the idea of reading doesn’t exactly get you excited. There’s just something about it that bores some to tears. Others don’t mind doing it but have a hell of a time retaining the content. Our Deal of the Day addresses common reading pain points and will teach you not only how to read much quicker but also comprehend and retain it.

For only $19 you can purchase the Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle. Discounted by more than 90 percent, it features reading strategies, video training, and software activities to boost your speeds by up to 3.471 times.


  • 7 Speed Reading EX 2018: Lifetime License: Read Faster, Comprehend Quicker, & Remember More with The World’s #1 Speed Reading Software
  • Spreeder CX 2018: Lifetime License: Harness the Power of This Speed Reading Technology to Save Time & Read 3x Faster

You’ll get a lifetime access to Spreeder’s 7 Speed Reading EX 2018, which helps you to leave your old reading habits behind and re-train your brain. Before you know it you’ll be blowing through books, online documents, forms, and more.

You’ll also get Spreeder CX 2018, an e-reading program that retrains your RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation) skills. The aim is to cut down on how much your eye physically moves as you read.

While accelerated reading speed and comprehension can do wonders for your light, entertainment-based reading, imagine what it can do for your career and future job prospects.

Head to the AndroidGuys Deals Store today and you’ll find the Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle for just $19 — a discount of 90 percent!