MagCable Magnetic microUSB Cable simplifies charging (Deal of the Day)

While most of the new phones and devices on the horizon feature the USB Type-C charging standard, a lot of what we currently own does not. We venture to guess that you’ve got a number of gadgets lying around the house that need microUSB for charging.

If there’s one thing we like about having Type-C charging, it’s that we can plug the cords in with much less thought. There’s no wrong way to plug it in! Wouldn’t it be nice if there’s something to make microUSB easier? There is.

Our Deal of the Day is the MagCable, a cable that features magnetic tips. Simply stick one piece into the microUSB port of your phone and then the cable snaps to it when you’re ready to charge. Done charging up? Pull it, and get going.


Charge your Android and other micro USB devices smarter with the MagCable. This cable comes with magnetic micro USB tips to separate easily, preventing catching your phone cable and dragging your phone to the ground. But even better, MagCable allows you to instantly change the charging mode at the touch of a button. Want to boost up faster? One click and you can turn off the data sync, diverting all power to charging instead.


  • Smart light indicator helps you indicate charging status
  • High speed data transfer lets you spend less time moving files around
  • Fast charging switch lets you divert all power to charging quickly

Where to Buy

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