Save up to 93% off Mondly lifetime subscription and master new languages

    Learning new things doesn’t have to be mundane. Even dealing with a self-taught curriculum and taking things at your own pace can be interesting — with the right tools. Take mastering a new language, for instance. With the proper guidance you can learn a second tongue in your spare time. Mondly, one of the biggest and best names in that space, is that proper guidance.

    In this on-demand world we find ourselves with precious few swaths of free time. How do we fill those moments? Instead of binge-watching a TV show or putting your face into a social network, why not use the time to better yourself? Why not pick up a new language a few minutes at a time?

    Fortunately for us, we have tools like smartphones and apps to help lead the way. Mondly offers a web-based learning system, but it also has great Android and iOS apps, too.

    We’re currently offering massive discounts on lifetime accounts to Mondly. Available in a variety of packages, it’s everything you need to master a new language, or two… or five.

    Features of Mondly

    • Choose from 33 languages to learn in your own native tongue
    • Memorize core words, form sentences & take part in conversations
    • Enhance your education w/ a dictionary, verb conjugator & speech recognition technology
    • Learn pronunciation from conversations between native speakers
    • Break the learning process down into short lessons
    • Immerse yourself by interacting w/ animals, objects & more via MondlyAR

    What’s great about Mondly is that it the isn’t boring, rote stuff you’d expect. Gone are the days of “repeat after me” from Mr. Henderson’s class. Instead, you get short lessons with positive feedback around specific scenarios. And it fits in and around your regular life schedule.

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    Maybe you’re heading overseas for a vacation and want to learn to ask about foods. Or, perhaps you’ve got a quick business trip to another country and need to learn the basics for dealing with hotel staff.

    ARCore for the Win

    If you have a newer Android phone with support for ARCore, you’re really going to love what Mondly can do. Using the MondlyAR feature you can use the phone to look around a room and identify particular things like a bed, bed, shoes, etc.

    Pick Your Plan

    Choose from one of three lifetime options that best suits your needs. Each comes with its own discount but all will save you more than 80% off the normal price!

    • 1 language – $39.99
    • 3 languages – $59.99
    • 5 languages – $69.99
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