PHOOZY: Sleeve protects your phone from extreme heat, freezing cold

Earthly Heat & Cold Are No Match for This Space-Grade Floating Smartphone Capsule

Have you ever had your phone turn off right in the middle of using it on a summer day?  Bet you didn’t think that such a thing could happen, eh? Indeed, heat is one of the worst things for a phone, especially when it’s extreme.

We’ve had phones turn off just from driving and charging it up with it on a car mount. No special uses, no GPS or apps running. Nope, just too much heat for the battery’s liking. Imagine what happens if you leave it on the back porch or on a beach towel for too long.

Our Deal of the Day is the PHOOZY, a protective, thermal sleeve that keeps your phone nice and safe whether it’s super hot or freezing cold outside.

Made from space-grade materials, this intelligent capsule also provides an extra layer of drop protection from your phone and will ensure it floats safely if dropped in water.

Normally priced about $35, you can pick one up from the AndroidGuys Deals Store for only $29.99, a savings of about 15%.