PullTube : Download online videos and playlists

    Available in our store for just $9.99, our readers can save 25%

    You can’t always rely on your internet or data connection to be ready or strong enough to handle that proverbial trip down the rabbit hole of YouTube. That’s why you might want to consider downloading videos ahead of time.

    We’ve got a tool in our Deals Store designed specifically for the task. Not only is it a smart and proactive move, but it also gives you added flexibility and features, too.

    Called PullTube, you can essentially download your favorite video content from hundreds of sites and enjoy them later — without worry of data consumption or buffering.

    Using the app’s interface, you paste your video link into the text field or drag and drop the highlighted video URL/thumbnail to start downloading. Moreover, its streamlined browser extensions (Safari, Chrome) let you download content even faster. And, not only that, but it can tell when a video is part of a playlist.

    Once you’ve downloaded, you can also convert videos to mp3 and m4a formats and create your own offline music playlists. Or podcasts. You do what you want with it!

    Pulltube Features

    • Download any online video or playlist from hundreds of websites
    • Use clever Chrome & Safari extensions to download faster
    • Simply drag & drop and copy and paste videos to download
    • Recognize when videos are part of a playlist & choose which to download
    • Download videos w/ 4K, HD & 60fps support
    • Download subtitles w/ your videos
    • Convert videos to mp3 & mp4a formats

    System Requirements

    • MacOS X 10.11 and later

    This last part might hang some of you up as you might run Windows on your computer. We’d rather let you know ahead of time, though, so you don’t redeem a license and find out the hard way.


    You can purchase a lifetime license to Pulltube for just $9.99 and have support for 1-2 Macs. Opt for the family plan at $24.99 and you can have up to 5 Macs. Not only will you receive software updates and bug fixes, but you’ll also get any new features as they are added into Pulltube.