Unity Bootcamp Bundle: Teach yourself to build games in half hour increments, just $19.99

    If you want to develop and create video games, the cold truth is that you need to know Unity. Why? Well, the gaming engine powers roughly one in every three of the more popular mobile games. Players like Square Enix, Ubisoft, EA, and others are using it; it’s simple, versatile, and leads to great gaming experiences.

    It’s time to get you on the same playing field as the bigger names. Our Deal of the Day is a Bootcamp Bundle designed to get you from newbie to master in no time at all. Priced only $19.99 (95% off), it’s a collection of training that you can bite off in 30-minute increments.

    The structure for each of course is simple: Give yourself a half hour for the class and learn a new aspect of creating, designing, and succeeding in the world of Unity game engine.

    The training bundle offers:

    • Unity Crash Course ($99 value): This introduction will get you caught up with coding in C# and quaternions and math in Unity3D
    • Unity Crash Course: Co-ordinates and Vector 2s ($99 value): In this quick, project-based course, you’ll learn how to use co-ordinates and Vector 2s in Unity3D.
    • Unity Crash Course: Key Input ($99 value): In just 30 minutes, you’ll be able to set up a first person shooter and get the player to shoot bullets in a game scene.
    • Unity Crash Course: First Person Controls ($99 value):  By course’s end, you’ll be able to handle key presses from players so they can enjoy your games to their full potential.
    • Unity Crash Course: Physics ($99 value): In this course, you’ll set up a cube to launch at a wall and bounce off it and discover how to set up real-life simulation physics in a game.

    This bundle is designed to not only teach you Unity, but in easy to manage pieces. Moreover, it doesn’t require that you invest a ton of money or time. Worth around $500, the full collection of courses is just $19.99 through our limited-time offer.