Build your own drone for just $32.99

Drones can often cost a pretty penny, some hundreds of dollars, leading more budget-conscious shoppers to look for some affordable alternatives (we understand completely). While it’s hard to find fully assembled drones that cost less, there’s little trouble in buying a DIY drone for an incredible price. Today’s Deal of the Day is a cool alternative to fully-assembled drones that can fully engulf your wallet.

Called the Force Flyers DIY Building Block Fly’n Drive Drone, this DIY gadget lets you do all the things you love to do (take pictures with them, fly them, etc.) while keeping costs low. In addition to the budget-friendly price tag, the Force Flyers DIY Fly’n Drive Drone lets you build your own drone by way of building blocks. It’s compatible with all major building blocks so that you can use other blocks to build your own drone if you have some spares lying around.

These DIY building blocks are part of an instruction kit that includes a 2.4GHz transmitter for long-range flight control, auto-stabilization, 360-degree stunt flips, a 6-axis gyrometer, crash-resistant ABS plastic that protects your drop in impact-risky environments, all while teaching physics, aerodynamics, weight distribution, and other physics subjects to make the experience not only fun but also educational. After all, it’s easy to build a drone with building blocks, but learning how to fly it afterwards is another thing entirely.

Originally priced at $49.99, we’re offering the Force Flyers DIY Building Block Fly’n Drive Drone for just $32.99, 34% off the original price.

Head on over to the link above and build your own drone for a fraction of the price of others. Don’t let your wallet keep you out of the fun.