Get This Look: Google Now Inspired Homescreen v2

We’re huge fans of changing the home screen around a bit and creating a new user experience for our Android. So much so that we present our ongoing series of Get This Look posts. In a nutshell we show you a new layout, app, widget, or icon set for your Android handset and tell you which apps you’ll need to mimic the feel.

Some of these are a little easier to create than others and many of them can be tweaked to no end. The following details are but the ingredients to which you can create your own delicious Android dish; your results will vary. Which is awesome!

If nothing else, this is a great way to discover new apps, widgets, icons, and more!

Google Now Inspired Homescreen v2

Why we love this look:

Isn’t it rather obvious? It’s totally something Google would offer up as a stock Android experience or as part of some launcher setup. It wouldn’t take much to convince average users that this is the latest look of Android or that this is how the home screen appears on a Nexus device.

You’ll note that it takes a little elbow grease to get this look set up and that it requires moderate tweaks. Not the worry, though, the creator of the layout has put together a nice set of instructions.

The apps used in this design can be used to create some other fantastic layouts, some of which can be found in other Get This Look features.

What you’ll need:

Thanks for the tip, Jordan. We love the look!