Escape with these 26 “beach” themed images [Weekend Wallpapers]

Looking to change up your Android home screen?  It doesn’t get much easier than swapping out the wallpaper; it’s one of the quickest ways to breath new life into the mobile experience. We recently began curating a collection of wallpapers for you, dear reader, and are only too happy to share the goods!

We’ll be adding to the collection on a regular basis and will occasionally highlight a theme or specific artist’s work we really appreciate.


This collection of wallpapers is based around the common theme of the beach.This is the first edition what we would expect to be an ongoing series. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of great photos of sun, sand, waves, and surf.

We don’t know about you but we’re ready to hit the beach and spend some time staring at the sea. Playing in the waves, getting sand between our toes, collecting seashells… that sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Click here to see our entire  collection of wallpapers.

Note that the wallpaper page may go through a few changes over the coming weeks and that your experience should improve with each update. If you see something that you think we’d like to share, drop us a line.  What’s more, if you have created some wallpapers of your own and want help in spreading the word, we’re your guys.

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