Fly this quadcopter drone for less than a Benjamin

Are you looking for a quadcopter drone but fear breaking the bank? Technology is wonderful, and some of us love it as much as we love food, sports, or even politics. And yet, technology, unlike those other loves, can cost much more. Drones are a new field, quite like virtual reality, and the need to reduce prices in order to gain mass consumer appeal is real. And yet, until technology prices fall to entice consumers, we here at AndroidGuys will keep giving you cost-friendly options.

We’ve covered TRNDLabs’ Spectre Drone the other day, a gadget that works with a pair of IRIS VR goggles to provide the ultimate tech lover’s experience. And yet, for those who want to fly a quadcopter drone for less than a Benjamin find the Spectre Drone to be a bit pricey. Well, fortunately, TRNDLabs is also offering a quadcopter drone for $69.99, 45% off the original price and $80 less than the offering price of the Spectre Drone.

Apart from the price difference, what may also entice you is that the Fader Stealth Drone offers about as much tech as the Spectre Drone for less: an HD camera for 720p photos, 6-axis gyro for flight control, and LED lights to fly this quadcopter drone by night. There are also advanced options for those who want to go beyond the capabilities of new drone flyers. At half the cost of the ultimate drone from TRNDLabs, you’d be blind to miss out on this deal.

Head on over to the Fader Stealth Drone link above and pick up your next big thing. Our offer expires in 4 days. Don’t let the Fader Stealth Drone, and this offer, take wings and fly away before you grab your very own.