HTC revenue slightly better than before, but can they do better?

    HTC has launched several devices in past, like the HTC One series – that includes the flagship One, One Mini, and the latest One Max. All these devices are great, and critics ranked them high in their books, especially the HTC One. But at the end of the day, what really matters for a company is its ‘sales’ and we all know that HTC had seen some dark times in past few months. HTC started the year with the worst quarter in their history, but it seems they are finally getting back on track. HTC’s revenue report for November is out – its better than the previous month, although a 27.1% decrease year-over-year. Well its better than a decrease of 83% year-over-year, right?

    It seems November is a lucky month for HTC, because last year was better for the Taiwanese manufacturer as well. HTC recorded a revenue of $522 million (NT$15.47 billion), that’s up 3.2% compared to last month.

    According to analysts, the reason for HTC’s financial dismay is the company’s sliding market share in the US and Europe. The company hasn’t been able to lure any new customers this Holiday season with its new offering being only the HTC One Max.

    Will HTC be able to stand up again? The HTC One was a great device, and still is – but still they have to come up with something which is as good as the One. Question is, can HTC do better than this? Tell us what do you think in the comment box below.

    Source: GSMArena