I hope you didn’t expect that $100 HTC Trade-In credit

    So the word on the street is that the HTC One is being delayed and that it may not arrive until the last few days of the month. While there has yet to be any official announcement for the smartphone here in the United States, Clove (UK) indicates it will be March 29 before the phone shows up.

    As part of the big announcement for the HTC One, the handset maker was quick to promote the trade-up program. For those unaware, HTC was giving at least $100 in credit for your old smartphone should you pick up the new flagship device. But, as always is the case, there was fine print. And expiration dates.


    You see, the offer is only eligible to those of you who live in the United States. What’s more, you have to purchase the HTC One before March 31, 2013. That means you have but a few weeks to do so. Should you expect to participate in the deal you will have to act fast. Lightning fast. As in today.

    Those who want to qualify their handset for trade-in will need to register before March 12, 2013. To do so, head to HTCtradeup.com and fill out the form.

    …you must register valid email address on the HTC One® Upgrade site, you must purchase and activate a new HTC One by March 31, 2013 and mail in your used Device with a valid Proof of Purchase of your HTC One (copy of UPC or invoice/ receipt showing the IMEI) post marked by April 30, 2013. – HTC

    Indeed, we should expect to see the HTC One offered in the United States any day now. Along those lines, the closer we get to the end of the month, the more HTC should consider extending the trade-in deadline. They simply cannot expect consumers to act so quickly, especially if they didn’t know about the trade-in option until today (or later).

    I would recommend pushing the qualification back a few weeks and then extending the mail-in date a month or so. It’s a sign of goodwill and HTC is about to run face-first into a buzz saw when the Samsung Galaxy S4 hits later this week.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, HTC could do themselves a bit of good if they were to publicly remind everyone that they can earn some moolah for that old phone. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or an email campaign, HTC should be pounding on the tables right now.

    Of course, it doesn’t cost HTC any money should consumers not take advantage of the trade-in program, right? Sadly, this launch could ultimately prove to cost HTC more than money.